Wonder Woman’s New Outfit: Crotch Flap and Confusion

Wonder Woman by David Finch (DC Comics)

Wonder Woman has a new outfit! A full coverage outfit! We ought to be happy about this, right? Getting her out of panties and into something more demure is what we want, right?

Well… actually…

Wonder Woman's new outfit, as drawn by David Finch

What we want is an outfit that reflects her ideals, as well as her Amazonian heritage. We want something practical. We want something badass. We want something that doesn’t look like ten different people — or perhaps munchkin D&D players, according to our Jaime — were sent off to separate rooms to design a different piece of her new costume.

“The boots, corset, and undershirt are from three different costumes,” says Megan P. “They DO NOT work in one design.”

“This is my main complaint,” says Vernieda. “The costume isn’t cohesive and my eyes get confused looking at it. I don’t know where to focus because there are so many random elements.”

Megan P. suggests that “the longer you look at it, the worse it becomes.”

Wonder Woman Movie Costume“Hate. Hate hate hate,” says Kate. “I’m not sure I could coherently explain why this bothers me as someone who minored in classical history. I mean I feel like a bad feminist but like…a Greek warrior goddess is pretty much the only person who has a like, character-based reason to wear a leather miniskirt? I mean the “military” aspects of this feel much “later” in terms of history. Like. IDK. I’m just really partial to the Xena-esque Wonder Woman costumes than I am…this. Even with the pants.”

“I am glad the movie went that route,” adds Wendy, “I don’t understand why the comic has been so resistant to it. Are skirts that hard to draw?”

Opinions. We have them.

Not all of us despise Wonder Woman’s new duds, though we remain wary. Wendy suspects that the pants will quietly disappear again. Jaime agrees: “I think they’re gonna slowly strip all that clutter off until we’re down to bustier, crotch flap, thigh highs.”

Wonder Woman’s new artist, David Finch — (not David Lynch, as Ginnis mistakenly read … though she thinks that a David Lynch designed costume, while not “apropos to the spirit of Wonder Woman, would at least be more interesting than this”) — might have spent a long time putting this new look together, but now we’re going to break it down for you.

1. These Boots Are Made For…?

Those thigh-highs. They just seem so distracting and unnecessary. Why not just knee-highs? It seems like an attempt to make her sexy, in lieu of showing her skin. There’s no practical reason to wear boots like that other than sex appeal. Someone could argue that it gives her some protection on her thighs, but anything worth being counted as protective would also restrict her ability to move well in them. I just don’t see it… — Lindsey

I’ve always disliked the big white stripes on her boots. Now there is so much more stripiness to dislike. — Wendy

Did I mention the boots are ugly? — Megan P.

2. Stabby Gauntlets

The stabby things could NOT sheath, period, and would just get caught in stuff. They’re a workplace health and safety violation. — Megan P

I’ll hand wave the logistics of the blades, but I won’t handwave the fact that I don’t like them for the character. Wonder Woman has always been about her lasso. Period. She’s trained with bladed weapons but doesn’t carry them. It scares me that once more we’re about to see “angry warrior empowered woman Diana” which is just getting tired at this point. Anyway, if you want a character with awesome blade gear, bring back Scandal Savage already. — Ashly

3. Crotch Flap

Obscures the tricky crotch area for artists afraid of drawing anything that touches a vulva. — Sarah

She has a string flag wrapped around her like she’s ringing in the Fourth of July Apocalypse. — Megan P.

HATE IT. I feel like it’s only there as a nod to the character’s origins, a bad attempt at slapping “something kinda gladiator armor-y” onto the design. For me that’s what creates the busy-ness a lot of people have been commenting on, and it just feels gratuitous. — Ashly

I would take a leather mini skirt over a triangular crotch flap. — Ginnis

4. Random Ribcage Star

I kinda like it, except for the big glaring white star decals. — Lindsey

Why do we still have the stars? Wonder Woman used to be all about the red, white, and blue, but aren’t we beyond the fuck yeah America theme now? — Wendy

5. Death Metal

The metal belt and boob accent could potentially kill her. — Megan P.

Reminds me of the episode of Avatar: The Last Air Bender in which Aang put on so much armor he tipped over from being top-heavy. — Jamie

The way she’s standing makes it look like it’s slightly too long in the body for her and she’s trying to fill it out. I have been there! It’s very annoying! A bad look for a practical, serene character. — Claire

6. So Many Colours

Four colours is actually quite a lot. White! Red! Navy! Gold! There’s no real flow between the shades or intensities, there’s no real grouping of the colours, it’s just all flung on there. And then yellow for the lasso! Just… what’s it supposed to come after? Which tradition is it in? Where’s the inspo? I can’t spot it. — Claire

What do you think of Wonder Woman’s new outfit? Love it? Hate it? Don’t care? Just like saying the words “crotch flap” over and over again? Share in the comments — and stay-tuned for Desiree’s look at the Amazonian princess’ outfits through the years.

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8 thoughts on “Wonder Woman’s New Outfit: Crotch Flap and Confusion

  1. The “Stabby Gauntlets” aren’t even original, Jean-Paul Valley rocked them in his original Azrael costume!

  2. I don’t hate it, I just find it very busy. Very, very busy. I think it represents, in a way, the confusion DC has over the character of Wonder Woman. They’re not sure who she is as a character, and that reflects a lot in her costumes. This comes off at worse as trying to hard to me. The new wrist gantlets are ridiculous, but I like the bodice piece, and I wish they’d trade the crotch flap for a more Xena style skirt. I get the call back to her Greek roots but I think a skirt would be better suited for her character.

    But I still like it better than her old costume. I wasn’t in love with her silver, and dark red/blue coloring. I prefer the gold on her. Gold, blue, and red is her color palette, so I’m glad that’s back.

  3. My first thoughts upon seeing it? Full coverage = I like it.

    Then I got to looking at it. I put aside my intense dislike of Fincher’s depiction, by bringing up the oft-used media image (seriously…WW suit changes get more press than her actual missions and adventures—stop this DC!) in Photoshop, and removed the Diana parts not covered by the suit.

    I’m not pleased. Now for years I hated the cock-tail waitress look, until Terry Dodson’s run as artist. He gave her boots, and a body. He bridged the gap between those of us that pine for Ye Old Lynda Carter, and a Diana with feminist sensibilities. Dodson’s ultimate representation of Wonder Woman was the cover for Gail Simone’s The Circle.


    Diana wore boots, her outfit wasn’t male-gazey…despite still being a damn bathing suit. Her arms obscured her cleavage, and she was poised in that picture not to kick your ass, but to defend herself, and those she cared about. Dodson’s Diana to me is the ideal (put her thick Dodson butt in pants, I don’t care) but if not, let’s at least make Diana look like an Amazon again, and not some damn CW hero-honey of the week. >_<

  4. Oh man. The comments are accurate and hilarious — this is a disaster. It looks like 1970s Wolverine performing at a USO show in 1943. The movie costume is a little overcooked, but it’s miles and miles ahead of this.

  5. This article mirrors my thoughts on the outfit nicely. If we can pull anything from this, it’s that Finch should be banned from designing costumes. Forever.

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