Author: Laura Harcourt

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Heroes Con Posts Harassment Policy

Con Season is well upon us. Cosplayers are finalizing their designs, creators are flirting with carpal tunnel from signings, and con staff are trying to make sure they won’t be faceplanting into accusations of harrassment, and more importantly, that everyone who attends will feel safe and comfortable — as comfortable as you can be in…

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Sunday Special Edition

Well, true believers, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of our brand-new news cycle! Let’s take a look back at everything we’ve covered so far: Might Marvel Monday introduced the first of our Mainstream Monday posts. Did you know Ryan North was helming the Young Avengers in a new five-part serial? Sensational staff writer Ivy keeps…

Guardians of the Galaxy: Trailer and Q&A

The official Facebook page for Guardians of the Galaxy hosted a Q&A live chat today with castmembers Chris Pratt, Dave Bautista (Batista), Karen Gillan, Director James Gunn, and Marvel Studios President/Guardians of the Galaxy Producer Kevin Feige. Head over to check out which scene is the “most beautiful” of the movie, if Rocket’s catchphrase will remain…

X-Men. Brian Wood.

Brian Wood Leaving X-Men

Brian Wood has left X-Men, he stated on Twitter today. “FYI, I left the title on my own accord, no drama, no pressure, just moving on,” he wrote. He has been on the title since May of last year, after penning runs on X-Men, Volume 3 and Ultimate Comics: X-Men. Brian’s last issue will be…