Day: June 19, 2014

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Heroes Con Posts Harassment Policy

Con Season is well upon us. Cosplayers are finalizing their designs, creators are flirting with carpal tunnel from signings, and con staff are trying to make sure they won’t be faceplanting into accusations of harrassment, and more importantly, that everyone who attends will feel safe and comfortable — as comfortable as you can be in…

Reading Diaries: Legends, Flirts, and Fire

What have you been reading? What did you start and then never finish? Reading for work? For pleasure? Megan: I’m a big one for that–my patience is wearing thinner and thinner over the years, and I’m finding novellas and short stories a good fit for my surly-reader< nature. I recently read In The Tall Grass by Steven King and his son…

Gaze Into the Fist of Dredd

Judge Anderson Makes Her IDW Debut

This August, IDW will expand its Judge Dredd universe with upcoming series Judge Anderson: Psi-Division, which chronicles the early adventures of Mega-City One’s favorite telepathic Judge. Written by 2000AD editor Matt Smith with Carl Critchlow on art, the series takes place before IDW’s main Judge Dredd title. The first story arc, “King of the Six…

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The Thursday Book Beat: Rush Limbaugh Attacks Bookstore

Rush Limbaugh Attacks Bookstore Rush Limbaugh has once again used his power to make us groan by making sounds come out of his mouth. This time, Limbaugh attacks an independent bookstore for not selling his book. [Executive Director Deborah] Menkart gave the opening speech and said 90 percent of children’s books that Teaching for Change sells…