The Thursday Book Beat: Rush Limbaugh Attacks Bookstore

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Rush Limbaugh Attacks Bookstore

Rush Limbaugh has once again used his power to make us groan by making sounds come out of his mouth. This time, Limbaugh attacks an independent bookstore for not selling his book.

[Executive Director Deborah] Menkart gave the opening speech and said 90 percent of children’s books that Teaching for Change sells at the bookstore are by or about people of color, specifically noting that the shop does not sell Limbaugh’s best-selling children’s book. She said the bookstore proves there is a market for these books by or about minority people, but then added that the bookstore isn’t breaking even and asked the audience for support through donations.

Limbaugh called the bookstore racist and bigoted. Insert eye roll. You can read the full transcript of his show here.

Simon & Schuster “Power, Perseverance, and Resilience of Women” Summer 2014 Event

The event will take place at the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center on June 26, July 14, and August 18. There will be lectures from authors Amanda Lindhout, Zhena Muzyka, Susannah Cahalan, and Helen Thorpe.

We Need Diverse Books But What Now?

Léonicka Valcius writes a great piece on The Toast about the discussion on diversity in books and moving from stating there’s a problem to finding solutions to it.

Lauren Oliver’s ‘Delirium’ Is Back From The Pilot Grave

Delirium. Lauren Oliver. HarperCollins. February 7th 2012.

Lauren Oliver’s young adult series, Delirium, was initially picked up by Fox for a TV show but wasn’t greenlit. Now the pilot has been resurrected for all the fangirls (and dudes) to experience on Hulu for one month only. The 30 days start on June 20th.

The Goldfinch’s Depiction of People of Colour

This is the second week that Donna Tartt’s The Goldfinch has made it to the Book Beat but this time it’s about the racial politics in the book. Joy Castro writes on Salon about the role of the “working-class servitude” given to PoCs in the book and how that plays against the book’s success.

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