Judge Anderson Makes Her IDW Debut

Gaze Into the Fist of Dredd

Cover: Judge Anderson, Smith and Critchlow. IDW, 2014. This August, IDW will expand its Judge Dredd universe with upcoming series Judge Anderson: Psi-Division, which chronicles the early adventures of Mega-City One’s favorite telepathic Judge.

Written by 2000AD editor Matt Smith with Carl Critchlow on art, the series takes place before IDW’s main Judge Dredd title. The first story arc, “King of the Six Sectors,” begins with Anderson predicting an attack on the Megapolitan Museum and setting out to stop her vision from coming true.

Smith’s previous Dredd credentials (Dreddentials) include Judge Dredd: Year One for IDW and two Dredd novels published by 2000AD. Critchlow has provided art for a number of Judge Dredd stories and the 2000AD comic Lobster Random, as well as his independent comic Thrudd the Barbarian.

Series editor and cool-name-holder Denton J. Tipton says that the series will “defin[e] Judge Anderson for a whole new generation of readers.”  Smith was similarly enthusiastic about writing Anderson, describing her as “one of the great, iconic characters from 2000 AD:” … I had a lot of fun writing a new case for her for IDW – and Carl has done a phenomenal job, capturing both Cass and the Big Meg beautifully.

Judge Cassandra Anderson has been part of 2000AD history for over 30 years since her initial creation by John Wagner and Brian Bolland. Anderson’s frankness, humor, and irrepressibility are a bright spot in the darkness and absurdity of Mega-City One, while her telepathic abilities allow her to fight battles that even Dredd himself wouldn’t be able to handle. Her status in the overall Judge Dredd narrative is perhaps best illustrated by her appearance as a featured character alongside Dredd in the 2012 film adaptation.


Kelly Kanayama

Kelly Kanayama

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