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Well, true believers, I hope you’ve enjoyed the first week of our brand-new news cycle! Let’s take a look back at everything we’ve covered so far:

Might Marvel Monday introduced the first of our Mainstream Monday posts. Did you know Ryan North was helming the Young Avengers in a new five-part serial? Sensational staff writer Ivy keeps you up to date with all the newest Marvel info. Excelsior!

Speaking of Marvel, did you know that Edgar Wright is no longer attached to direct Ant-Man? I know, I’m sad, too. Come over, I’ve got a pint of Ben & Jerry’s we can cry into together.

Edgar Wright

Tuesday kicked open the door with Incredible Indie Tuesdays, hosted by the indomitable Catie. Check it out and celebrate the ongoing series publication of Lumberjanes! See, sometimes we do get to have nice things.

Come Get Your Game On with Wednesdays here at WWAC. Brenda breaks down everything you need to know about what’s happening in the gaming world, from tabletop to RPG to videos and beyond. Did you know you needed the E3 schedule? Brenda did, so she got it for you.

Thursday was books, books, books, with Ardo, who commented on everything from Tolkein’s translation of Beowulf to Little, Brown, and Co.’s unique PR stunt. I guess bad publicity is still publicity?

We wrapped up the week by bringing you WWAC’s take on Goyer, Mazin, and the Big Green Porn Star from Gamma Gamma Gamma, and news from around the web, because we like to be thorough like that.

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Didn’t catch something you wanted to see? Have an opinion on something that happened? Want to take a guess at the next big story? Comment below, and keep your ear to the ground — but don’t worry if you can’t. We’ll be sure to do it for you. Never fear, citizen: the WWAC news team is on the job!

Laura Harcourt

Laura Harcourt

Part of WWAC's editorial team, Laura has loved comics ever since her very first copy of Betty and Veronica Double Digest. Until her own superhero training is complete, she spends most of her time writing about others. She is most usually found in Western New England and is easily startled by loud noises.