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    Véronique Emma Houxbois

    Emma Houxbois is a fiercely queer trans woman cartoonist and writer last spotted in the Pacific Northwest. She regularly pens Transmyscira for Comicosity and Crown on the Ground for London Graphic Novel Network.

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  • Not Feeling the GLOW

    Not Feeling the GLOW3

    On February 9th, 1989 WWE owner Vince McMahon changed the landscape of professional wrestling forever when he testified to the New Jersey state senate that his business wasn’t a legitimately contested sport like boxing, but instead a scripted stage show with a predetermined outcome. It was hardly a world shaking revelation to the outside world,

  • Orphan Black’s Last Season Premiere Stirs Mixed Emotions

    Orphan Black’s Last Season Premiere Stirs Mixed Emotions0

    Count to ten, this is the end. The final season of Orphan Black is here and I’m having trouble figuring out exactly what that means to me in light of the series premiere. It may not be entirely the show’s fault though, because I watched the series premiere right after finally catching Bones’ series finale,

  • Berliac: Sadboi Drawn and Quartered

    Berliac: Sadboi Drawn and Quartered1

    On May 31st, Drawn and Quarterly announced they would be publishing Argentinian cartoonist Berliac’s Sadboi, a graphic novel following the exploits of an immigrant to Norway stigmatized and denied the opportunity to integrate into Norwegian society. Within 48 hours, the publisher withdrew plans to publish Sadboi and issued an apology for not doing their due

  • Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics

    Triangulating Looks: Fashion, Beauty, & Style in Comics0

    Editor’s note: Sequential Sartorial was a column about the use of personal style to express character and context in comic book narratives. It was one I felt strongly about, but wasn’t one I managed to keep up. It was too easy to go negative, and too time-intensive to find really great examples of really communicative comic