Day: May 5, 2016

A Natural History of Dragons Marie Brennan,, 2014

Dogears: An Unscripted History of Dragons

My Unscripted Life Lauren Morrill Delacorte (Random House) October 11, 2016 Lauren Morrill is a comforting voice in YA fiction, with contemporary romances that aren’t surprising but still engaging. But My Unscripted Life is the least captivating of her books thus far—it’s a novel that elevates romance at the expense of character development and story growth….

IMMOLATION, Zachary Clemente, Arielle Soutar & Ricardo Lopez Ortiz

Carve Your Name in the Rockface: Arielle Soutar’s Art of Lettering

When I spoke to Zach Clemente about his Mountain cycle comics, he had plenty to say about his steady collaborator, Arielle Soutar. Clemente and Soutar have collaborated with a different cartoonist on each book, but she has provided the typography and logo work for all ClementeWorks scripts. And they’ve known each other since school! I wanted to…