Back to Stars Hollow: A Gilmore Girls Revival Roundtable

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After much speculation and back and forth, the Gilmore Girls (GG) revival is finally underway and currently filming. Several of the WWAC GG fangurls, Draven Katayama, Ginnis Tonik, Al Rosenberg, and Kate Tanski sat down, figuratively, to discuss our hopes and dreams for the revival and even share a little flash GG fanfiction!

Okay, your first assignment, should you choose to accept it, is to express your feelings about the currently filming Gilmore girls revival in the form of a single gif. Go!



Gilmore Girls gif_Ginnis



Now that we have gotten that out of our system, let’s get real—in the era of 90s revivals, do you think Gilmore Girls needs a revival?

Draven: I don’t think it needs a revival, but it has fun potential. And if it’s horrible, we’ll just pretend it was really bad fanfiction, right?

Ginnis: As a GG fangurl, I do feel it needs a revival, because Full House got a revival and Bunheads was cancelled after one season, and that shit is so unfair that this needs to happen.

Al: As my gif implies, I’m real nervous about this whole thing. I miss the Gilmores more than I can express, but what if everything’s wrong? I don’t know if I can handle another season 7. I have control issues:

Gilmore Girls gif_Paris's control issues

Kate: Need, no. And like Al, I’m nervous about where we’re starting from and what the revival will entail, because the last few seasons were pretty awful and far away from where we started. But it’s a revival I will be watching now that Melissa McCarthy is confirmed to be part of it.

What are you most looking forward to with the revival?

Draven: I want to know what Rory is doing! Is she an editor at a prestigious newspaper? Did she skip traditional outlets and get hired by Mic? Is she best friends with Ta-Nehisi Coates?

Ginnis: I second what Draven said, because when Mitchum was all “you aren’t cut out for it,” I didn’t think he was entirely wrong about Rory being a journalist. A writer yes, but not sure about a journalist. See my feels summed up in the Stars Hollow Confessions below:

Stars Hollow Confessions

Also, I need to know what Emily is up to with Richard gone. I also need to know what Babette, Miss Patty, Kirk, and Lulu are doing. But most importantly, I need more Sookie. And Paris. I really love the side characters the best.

Al Rosenberg: I miss Richard. He was like my TV grandfather. I am honestly looking forward to seeing Lane and Paris most of all. Paris is my all time favorite character, and the actress is the reason I got into Shondaland.

Kate: What everybody else said! Yes, I care about the Gilmore girls, but GG had so many eccentric and yet fully fleshed out supporting and side characters—and I want all of them back.

Is there anyone returning that you are most excited about or not excited about? What about those who aren’t returning? (RIP Ed Herrmann.)

Draven: I’m not excited for Dean, Jess, or Logan. It’s sufficient to show us that Jess is doing something literary, Dean is doing something boring in Stars Hollow, and Logan is on his ninth try starting a company, because the previous attempts tanked. The inevitable romance plots will disappoint, because Dean, Jess, and Logan disappoint.

I’m excited to see what Lane is doing music-wise. She should be in a band that’s played Warped Tour by now.

Ginnis: Not returning, but Sutton Foster will be starring, and I love me some Bunheads/GG crossover! I could do without the boys, too. I mean you do meet new people after high school and college and fall in love, geez.

Al Rosenberg: I don’t know. My stupid inner teenage heart is still holding out for some Jess transformation.

Like, I hope they can at least be friendly. I really hate all the other boys though. Logan, go away.


Kate: Melissa McCarthy obviously, but also Jess and Dean, because they were both way better romantic options for Rory than Logan. Logan was super boring, and if he wasn’t coming back, I can’t say I’d regret that. He always seemed like the boy you dated in college and then after graduation gradually became That Guy You Used To Date on social media.

Okay, be honest. What did you really think of season 7?

Draven: Christopher is hot garbage, except not hot, just puppy dog-eyed hopeless garbage. Unpopular opinion: I liked scenes of April and Luke talking together. Lane getting married and having kids felt completely random and a cop-out of developing her character in other ways.

Ginnis: Wow, Draven pretty much hit all my points on the head. I liked April and Luke, too, and they are bringing April back, so I am interested in how that storyline will go down. I thought Chris’ actions in the final season made the most sense to his character, and considering how bizarre season 7 was, I don’t mind that so much.

I am still angry about Lane, but I really did enjoy Mrs. Kim getting more screen time and characterization due to Lane’s marriage and pregnancy. That character could go so wrong, so easily, and often did, but Emily Kuroda made her so much more.

Al Rosenberg: I used to feel pretty indifferent about Lane after she had babies, because I really don’t like babies. However, as I aged I thought, oh no, this is exactly what is happening to some of my coolest friendos; they’re popping out little babykins.

I hate season 7. So, little is redemptive. I have rewatched this whole show many, many times, and I never rewatch the last season.

Kate: I can’t really say I remember much from season 7. I don’t even think I watched the finale. And for me, I feel like that offers the revival its best chance at pleasing me, since I’m mostly operating from a place of nostalgia and optimism.

We can’t talk Gilmore girls without talking the Gilmore girls’ guys. Which teams are you on?

Draven: Luke is good. The rest are awful.

Ginnis: I will always ship Rory and Paris, but I do like Luke and Lorelai together.

Al Rosenberg: Rory and Paris! That would be amazing, Ginnis. I love Luke. I hope Michel is finally out of the closet.

Kate: Team Luke. Team Jess. Team Sookie and Jackson, because it was the first time I ever saw a fat character have a romance that didn’t have a “what if I’m too fat too be loved” digression. That was revolutionary for me. Fat people can just meet other people, and they like them even though they’re fat??

Quick, give me some flash fanfiction starring your favorite Stars Hollow characters. What happens in your twisted imagination? (At least, I hope it’s twisted.)

Draven: Brian and Kyon (remember her?) start a music company that’s bigger than Spotify and Tidal combined. They hire Paris as their dealmaker, and she threatens/convinces all of the most famous artists to sign with them.

Ginnis: Emily is bereaved by the loss of Richard, but it also leads her to explore her identity outside of being a corporate wife. She winds up in a circle of rich, well-educated lesbians and finds herself inexplicably drawn to a divorcee named Mitz.

Rory returns to Stars Hollow, worn out from the campaign trail and in need of a break. Paris is practicing medicine as the Stars Hollow physician and treats Rory for her exhaustion. Of course, it’s Paris, and she’s got no bedside manner, but Stars Hollow is a tolerant town of the idiosyncratic. Things with Doyle are over, though Paris and him remain friends. One night, Paris and Rory get drunk and as Rory complains about her attraction to “bad boys,” Paris plants a kiss on her, and Rory discovers that her interests might not just be limited to caustic boys.

Sookie has her own show on the Food Network. Her insurance policy is through the roof, but the people love her.

Al Rosenberg: Digger is coming out as bisexual and dealing with a lot of pent up anger and guilt about his family, so he returns to Lorelei, but just to be friends. Eventually Lorelei sets him up on a date with Michel (because straight people are always trying to hook their only two gay friends up?), and it goes terribly, but is an incredibly funny episode.

Lane and her kids are in a babymetal family band that goes on micro tours during school breaks. Her husband has finally pulled his shit together and is making decent money teaching music classes at a local JCC.

Paris has found the woman of her dreams, and they have an interfaith marriage with both the rabbi and the priest in the religious building. Rory is maid of honor, her date, a lovable though scattered journalist from Tennessee, sits next to Sookie, who is now missing a pinky, and her family.

Dean has fallen off the face of the planet (or is probably in hell again, I’m a little behind on Supernatural), and Jess charges in to stop the wedding, because he believes it’s Rory getting married. Rory sends him away, but they do have a final, steamy kiss. (Although, what if it’s really like the end of Sabrina: The Teenage Witch?)

Please, dear G-d, do not let Luke and Lorelei have more children. There are enough children.

Kate: Sookie has a well known food blog and TV show on the Food Network that frequently makes reference to her stay-at-home organic farmer husband and three kids à la The Pioneer Woman, except called something like Fat and Happy. It’s all about food positivity and body positivity. She also competes on Food Network competition shows. 

Rory followed Barack Obama on the campaign trail and ended up working for some kind of start up political company like Mic and tries to find a Big Story à la Woodward and Bernstein, but actually just ends up embroiled in a political scandal, like Kate Mara’s character in season one of House of Cards. Her fate may or may not end up the same way. 

Lorelai finally gets over her classism issues and marries Luke. She takes on all the business responsibilities of running the diner, and Luke happily lets her, because it lets him continue to be grumpy and spend the majority of his time cooking and grousing at the locals and doing Dad things for April and Rory, even though they’re both grown ups now.

Okay, your turn, readers and GG fangurls, share your own GG flash fanfiction in the comments section!

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