Previously On Comics: Rising Stars

Good morning! I don’t know about you but it’s been another of those weekends that just aren’t long enough for me.

For our most important news item, last week had some great news on the Former-WWACers-moving-up front:

  • Kelly Kanayama has joined the Scottish BAME Writer’s Network as their Admin and Media Support! Joining alongside her are Mae Diansangu and Titilayo Farukuoye as Programme Managers. The SBWN is about to know so much about the Punisher, y’all. So much!
  • Also, a big congratulations to Jazmine Joyner for her new position as Associate Editor for IDW Publishing!

Kelly and Jaz both have done some amazing work with us here at WWAC, and it’s pretty cool to see their names in lights. Congratulations to the both of you!

In other news:

Artist, instructor and comic creator Tomer Hanuka tasked his students with creating some post-pandemic covers for the New Yorker. Here’s a Twitter thread of the beautiful, haunting results.

NYCC is optimistic about their 2021 Return!

Just a few weeks after announcing the end of his political cartoons, Matt Bors has announced that he’s also leaving Twitter, which seems like a really good call. Godspeed, Matt.

Over at CBR, Brian Cronin has a piece about a ban on several graphic novels in Texas schools.

The FIYAH Lit Mag has announced the nominations for the 2021 Ignyte Awards!

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Nola Pfau

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