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Good morning! Rush Limbaugh died last week. Rot in hell! Also, eat shit, Brandon.

Prosecutors have dropped charges against the white woman who called 911 on creator and activist Christian Cooper after he asked her to leash her dog. The exchange, which was filmed, caused the woman to lose her job after the widespread negative response to it. Instead, the woman attended five counseling sessions, which are now complete. Cooper was on the record after the incident that he did not support charges being filed, that he would not cooperate with the investigation, and that he wished to show compassion, but it’s unknown if this affected the proceedings. Regardless, the woman’s lawyer has suggested now that lawsuits may be filed against unspecified persons on her behalf.

Here’s a great article on how Garfield, everyone’s favorite today-hating cat, is helping us cope.

Hey! Do you work in the comics industry? I don’t just mean “do you make comics,” but if you’re a part of the industry at all, be it creative or administrative work, or even if you’re writing about comics like we do here, we’ve got just the thing for you! Writer and editor Jay Edidin has released his latest project, A Brief Guide to the Comics Industry for Mental Health ProfessionalsThe work is as stated; if you’re in therapy, or perhaps seeking it, it’s a handy, short guide you can present to a mental health professional so that they can understand precisely what we all have to deal with; the culture, the practices, and, yes, the systems of abuse that are entrenched therein.

In the interest of ethics, I guess I should disclose that, unrelated to this, Jay is sending me some peppermint jelly beans that he says taste like toothpaste. I am accepting this offer because I love to make bad decisions, and because the only jelly bean I have ever hated is pear.

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