REVIEW: Excalibur #15 – When the Citadel Calls, Captain Britain Must Answer

The tournament started in Excalibur #14, so it’s only fair that by #15 it’s over and Krakoa has won. But that isn’t the end to the threat as the Annihilation helm has decided that it does not wish to play by the rules.

Excalibur #15

Mahmud Asrar (art), Stefano Caselli (art), Clayton Cowles (letters), Sunny Gho (colors and cover), Tini Howard (writer), Tom Muller (design), Rachelle Rosenberg (colors), Leinil Francis Yu (cover)
Marvel Comics
November 25, 2020

This review contains spoilers for Excalibur #15

Excalibur #15 cover by Yu, a shattered puzzle of the sword bearers with Apocalypse at center

All hell has broken loose and sword-bearers on both sides find themselves in heated battle with the forces of Amenth coming to the aid of the Arakkan mutants. Bae the Blood Moon is the first of the Arakkan mutants to switch sides as she comes to the aid of her new husband, and really that’s romance right there. Truly, she’s the Arakkan mutant I came to love the most, thanks to her whirlwind affair with Mr. Ramsey.

Excalibur 15 by Asrar - Doug protecting his wife Bae from Apocalypse
Love them so much.

As the Starlight Citadel is under siege, Saturnyne plans to save the day. She spills the shattered pieces of Captain Britain on the floor and starts putting them together like the world’s most depressing jigsaw puzzle. And as she pieces it together over a nice glass of wine, it turns translucent blue, a hint of the magic and secrets held within.

One of the best parts of this issue was everyone telling big bad •┤Ȧ├• to eat shit. Doug gets to, Brian gets to, Storm gets to. Honestly everyone should, he’s a giant asshole who nearly ruined everything for his selfish pursuits. I swear to god Brian was about to punch the big blue bastard.

The first bit of reinforcements arrive in the form of Jubilee and the Green Priestesses of Saturnyne. Their role is to defend the Citadel at all costs, no matter Saturnyne’s orders. So here they are. They’re quickly followed by Bei and Doug, who had previously exited the battlefield as she sought to protect her small husband. Even with this backup things seem extremely dire, as the Horsemen and Annihilation surround the Krakoan sword-bearers, circling them for the kill. The scene pans out leaving us stark black emptiness that seems like overwhelming odds, but that’s when we get the best pages of the issue.

Excalibur #15 by Asrar - The new Captain Britain Corps

Cut to Betsy, hammering away at an anvil, sun in her eyes, a new day dawning. Cut to Saturnyne placing the final piece of her mosaic. Reveal a swan, also staring at the dawning sun, before taking flight in a Captain Britain uniform. Focus on Saturnyne hit with a damning realization as her puzzle is complete. The last page of the issue is a stunning reveal (for Saturnyne, I called this shit last issue), that the Captain Britain she has meticulously put back together was not Brian at all, but was in fact the true protector of her heart, Betsy Braddock. Her dismay at this reveal is coupled with our first glimpse of the new Captain Britain Corps, with Betsys of all shapes and sizes. There is a massive Bets in the back. There’s a frog Betsy. There’s a purple-furred ape. There’s a dude with a purple hipster goatee. It’s a new dawn for the Corps, despite the feelings of Opal Luna (deep down she knows she wanted this, but it may take time for her to admit it). Oddly missing though is our Betsy. The Corps has been repopulated but Betsy Prime is still missing, which sets us up for the story after the swords are lain to rest.

Cori McCreery

Cori McCreery

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