Previously on Comics: The Crushing Weight of Capitalism

Good morning! The pandemic is getting worse here in the States, because no one in charge values lives over property! Let’s talk about comics, I guess.

WarnerMedia is laying off a few more people in addition to the several mentioned this past summer. 2020 has hit the comics industry particularly hard, and once again, those in charge care more about protecting their brand than they do the people who actually built it.

Meanwhile, Bad Student Press, an independent publishing outfit in the Philippines, had to evacuate after the Ulysses Typhoon flooded their studio. They are currently crowdfunding for recovery; please help if you can.

Back on the large corporation side of things, Marvel still appears hellbent on strip-mining Dark Horse of all of their licensed properties, publishing Alien and Predator comics now. This also gives them the rights, as it did with Star Wars, to republish the issues that Dark Horse had previously created. What may have been lesser known was that when Marvel does this, they do it without paying the original creators of those works any royalties. They get away with this by simply purchasing the rights to the material, and by never having agreed to any royalty deals with creators in the first place. However, it really says something about both publishers (in this writer’s opinion) that such concerns were not a part of this transferring of rights. Anyway, fuck corporations. Buy Evan Dorkin’s work, he deserves your money more than Disney or AT&T do.

That’s all I got. Wear your masks, stay home as much as you can, and look out for each other.

Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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