REVIEW: Marauders #15: Stabbing Saturnyne? Right in Front of My Salad?

Saturnyne smiles and raises her glass above Magik, who is slumped in a chair with white vomit dripping from her mouth

It’s a bit unusual for a multi-title crossover event to continue its story in the very same title, but here we are, leaping into Marauders #15, right where we left off.

Marauders #15

Stefano Caselli (artist), Russell Dauterman (cover), Edgar Delgado (colourist), Gerry Duggan (writer), Benjamin Percy (writer), Tom Muller (designer), VC’s Cory Petit (letterer)
Marvel Comics
November 11, 2020

Saturnyne smiles and raises her glass above Magik, who is slumped in a chair with white vomit dripping from her mouth in Marauders #15

Logan thought to end the festivities by killing the hostess, but if it were so easy to off or seduce Saturnyne to end this showdown, we wouldn’t be here. Or rather, Saturnyne takes her time to show Logan exactly where we would be if Logan’s gambit had paid off, and it is none too pretty for our Krakoan friends. Nor is it an ideal situation for Logan himself who gets to watch the apocalypse he brought about, once again crucified and tortured by his captor. These initial pages are communicated with pithy details in word and images that pass for Logan in an instant, making it clear that, no matter how boorish and impatient he is, this is Saturnyne’s game and all shall play by her rules — even though few will understand those rules.

These two chapters in the crossover are whimsical, meant to be fun, but they still maintain the overwhelming sense that our heroes are in well over their heads — and the odds listed in the data pages confirm that with poor Cypher far behind the pack at 5,000-1.

Stefano Caselli peppers the issue with various amusing and impressive facial expressions — though the circumstances of those expressions aren’t always amusing, particularly when War’s poisoning efforts from the previous issue come into play. My only real complaint about Caselli’s work is the lack of effort put into Saturnyne’s poise in her appearances, and most especially, her hair. A woman of her ilk doesn’t prance around with bedraggled hair. She ought to be sporting the voluminous waves from the cover!

Otherwise, the panel work overall is filled with details worthy of note that hit the comedic and emotional beats well, from Apocalypse and Annihilation commenting on their children, to Magik and Cable’s youthful challenges, to how each player enjoys the delicacies presented. The cat and mouse games of trying to figure out who is the cat and who is the mouse are delightfully depicted throughout the issue. But did it need to be spread out across these two issues? Probably not, though there are a lot of players and I suppose it’s nice to get to know them in a different light before all the murdering starts.

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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