Patreon Exclusive: G. Willow Wilson’s Wonder Woman: A Retrospective

Wonder Woman 58

Welcome to the first in a new exclusive offering for our Patreon Patrons. Each month, we will be publishing exclusive essays by our contributors on various topics. In our first essay, Doris V. Sutherland explores the 2018-2019 run on Wonder Woman by G. Willow Wilson.

Wonder Woman must surely be among the least consistent of the major superhero characters. While we all know what Superman, Batman and Spider-Man stand for and what to typically expect from their exploits, Wonder Woman has been harder to pin down: generations of creators have come up with distinct takes on the character and her world, some more successful than others, and most of them contradictory.

From November 2018 to October 2019, Wonder Woman was scripted primarily by G. Willow Wilson, the author perhaps best known for re-inventing Ms. Marvel as a put-upon New Jersey teenager with body-stretching powers. In taking on Wonder Woman, Wilson moved from Ms. Marvel’s smalltown adventures to a rather different setting — the realm of gods and myths. With her run recently concluded, now is a good time to look back on what she achieved…

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Doris V. Sutherland

Doris V. Sutherland

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