Previously On Comics: Release the Richards Cut!

I don’t even know where to start. Most of the week and all of the weekend has been dominated by New York Comic Con and everything a 4 day con entails. People have been busy and as you can imagine shenanigans have been low on everyone’s list of priorities. That said there has been some good stuff. And some not so good stuff. And at least one thing that made me look directly into the camera like I was a character in The Office.

The Good Stuff!

Following news that Kickstarter absolutely had not been firing union organising staff Kickstarter United have officially requested recognition of their union.

At 301 issues Todd McFarlane has been awarded a Guinness World Record for the longest running creator-owned superhero comic book series for Spawn,

The Not So Good Stuff

This week the news dropped that Ava Duvernay will direct a HBO pilot based on known sex pest Brian Wood’s DMZ proving once again that allegations of sexual assault and misconduct can ruin a man’s career but probably never actually will.

Multiple fans and critics have reached out to Ava since the reveal but she has so far made no comment.

And That Other Thing

The cool and reasonable humans at Release The Snyder Cut have revealed their official digital billboard. If you were in Times Square on October 5th you made have caught it as it appeared every 2 minutes between noon and midnight.