Previously on Comics: The Far Side is Back and That’s All That Matters

So the most important news this week is that Gary Larson’s The Far Side is making a comeback. This new website speaks of a “new online era” of the irreverent cows and questionable humans. Whether that means actual new comics from the creator, or just scans of his original work, I don’t care. Give it to meeeeee.

Well, okay, I guess there was some other news stuff too.

Together Again…

After so many years apart due to character licensing, BOOM! Studios is reuniting Buffy the Vampire Slayer and her former vampire paramour Angel in Hellmouth #1, a five-part crossover that will be released on October 9th.

And so the Cycle Continues…

“So Oni press, the publishing outfit with a Japanese name run in Portland by white dudes, which just merged with Lion Forge and laid off editors of color, has now hired a new editor, who is…a white dude.” — Nola Pfau

We’re Not Not Firing Union Organizers…

Despite claims that they have fostered an environment that respects the right to organize and that they have not fired employees attempting to unionize the company, Kickstarter has fired Taylor Moore and Clarissa Redwine, two employees who have been working on unionization efforts within the company.

Sell it Yourself…

In Marvel’s continued efforts to not promote books to readers and, especially, help new readers figure out how this whole direct market bullshit works, we once again find creators shilling their own wares because Marvel apparently doesn’t know what a marketing and PR department is for. Here we have Rainbow Rowell going back to a 2017 post to help her fans understand how to pick up Runaways.

Quick Hits…

Jim Carey’s latest comic demands Trump’s impeachment.

Cosplayer Elena will appear on the cover of Gwenpool #5.

Marvel teases Incoming, a year end special comic that is idk some special thing Marvel is doing I guess.

Valiant Comics’ Harbinger has been picked up by Paramount Studios.

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