Last Week’s Episode: Turn That Frown Upside Down

Last Week's Episode

Joker drops today so I present to you a round-up free of Joker news. Can you believe this movie has not been out for three months already? Anyway, this week we have beau coup DC news and one alien gay couple.


I don’t even know what to do with the news that Panic! at the Disco is gonna be on the Frozen II soundtrack other than hope they get an Oscar, I guess?

Star Wars Resistance exec producers Athena Portillo, Justin Ridge, and Brandon Auman confirmed that aliens Orka and Flix are in fact gay and in love. Bobby Moynihan (SNL), who voices Orka, said on the Coffee with Kenobi podcast, “If someone would finally ask me, I would say, ‘All I can say is that when Flix says I love you, Orka says I know.’ … They’re the cutest.” Maybe someday they’ll be gay in the text, too. (Star Wars has had queer characters appear textually in various forms in books, comics, and video games even in the now-defunct EU, so…someday, right?)  [EW]

Rosario Dawson voices Wondy in this direct-to-video movie, with a screenplay by Mairghread Scott.

Comics Movies

Y’all this looks so fabulous!!!!

Legendary Pictures’ adaptation of the comic Bitter Root, by David F. Walker, Sanford Greene, and Chuck Brown, will be adapted by Ryan Coogler, Zinzi Evans, and Sev Ohanian. That honestly sounds like the perfect creative mix for a story about a family of monster hunters during the Harlem Renaissance, so keep an eye on this.  [Shadow & Act]

Tom Holland’s ickle little face helped grease the wheels on Disney and Sony’s reconciliation.  [THR]

Tom Holland’s Uncharted tries for another director — this time it’s Travis Knight, the man behind the good Transformers movie, Bumblebee. [Empire]

Kevin Feige will helm a Star Wars because I guess you can’t ever have too much money. [Variety]

Counterpart Pictures optioned the film rights to Tapas Media’s Blink, a webcomic by Rex Ogle and eDufR, about a girl who stops time and then gets stuck there. Actor Dante Basco (Hook, Avatar: The Last Airbender) also recently optioned another Tapas property, the webcomic Kids Being Kids earlier this year, so the platform seems to be doing well as an IP mill. [Variety]

Director Ava DuVerney (Selma, 13th, A Wrinkle in Time) will direct the first episode of HBO Max’s DMZ, an adaptation of Riccardo Burchielli and known sexual harasser Brian Wood’s Vertigo comic. This is a bummer, though she seems mostly excited to work with screenwriter Roberto Patino (Westworld). [CBR]


The Arrowverse crossover casting keeps coming, starting with Ashley Scott reprising her role of Huntress from Birds of Prey. [TVLine]

Osric Chau will also appear as Ryan Choi, the Atom — which could mean joining Legends of Tomorrow since Brandon Routh is departing the show after this season. Check the above thread to read about the long journey Chau had getting here. [EW]

Director Deborah Chow (The Mandalorian, Mr. Robot, Reign, Jessica Jones, Better Call Saul) will lead the upcoming Obi-Wan series at Disney+. [THR]

The Gabriel Luna Ghost Rider will not go ahead at Hulu, due to “a creative impasse which could not be resolved,” though the second Marvel show Helstrom is still going forward. [Deadline]

There are rumors swirling that David Lynch is planning a new season of Twin Peaks, including at least teasing Kyle MacLachan tweet, but I really like the above so that’s what we got. [AVClub]

Actor Ruby Rose posted some footage of surgery she underwent due to a severe injury she received while filming season one of Batwoman, herniating two discs. This happened earlier in the year and left her with a “Pez dispenser” scar, but she appears healthy as ever now, phew. [Vulture]

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