Dynamite Pubwatch: October 2019

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Welcome to the Dynamite Comics Pubwatch for the month of October! I’m Lisa, Dynamite is my explosive beat, and here’s this month’s news!

Mark Russell Run of Red Sonja Set to Be Collected

The cover of Red Sonja: Scorched Earth C Dynamite Comics 2019 - Red Sonja mid-leap wielding two swords against a barrage of arrows
In November, Mark Russell’s run of Red Sonja will be released in a collected version.

The collection will reprint issues #1-6 of the Scorched Earth arc, in which Red Sonja becomes Queen of the Hyrkanian Steppes and engages in a long battle with Dragan the Magnificent of Zamora.

The book’s team includes Mark Russell on writing duties, Mirko Colak (with contributions by Bob Q and Katie O’Meara) on art, Dearbhla Kelly handling colors, and Hassan Otsmane-Elhaou’s lettering, as well as a cover gallery including work by Amanda Conner and Paul Mounts, which graces the cover of the TP.

The Boys Trading Card Set, Pins and U.S. Legal Tender $2 Bills Coming for the Holiday Season

The Boys Dollar Bill C Dynamite Comics 2019 - A two dollar bill with characters from The Boys illustrated on it
The Boys has had a successful run as an Amazon Prime original series, which means—along with a fifth collected omnibus of the Dynamite Comics series—a slew of merch is coming in November in time for the holiday shopping season.

First up is a trading card set, which will come in sets of seven cards per pack and will feature autographed cards from artist Darick Robertson, who will sign all cards of the character Homelander.

Then there’s a five-piece pin set featuring the faces of the five core members of the cast.

Lastly there’s a $2 bill, legal tender in America, featuring Homelander. An assortment of 24k gold coins featuring Butcher, Hughie, Homelander, and Starlight will also be released.

Joseph Michael Linsner and Dynamite Team Up For Dawn 30th Anniversary Celebration

Giclee of the cover of Dawn/Vampirealla #1 by Joseph Michael Lisner C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Vampirella and Dawn pose on a giant skull
Joseph Michael Linsner has entered into a strengthened licensing agreement with Dynamite, just in time for the comic’s thirtieth anniversary in November.

Aside from multiple already-published crossovers, Linsner and Dynamite will produce three Dawn trading cards to celebrate the anniversary of the character, projected to be available in November.

Also available in November: a giclee reproduction of Linsner’s cover art for Dawn/Vampirella #1, limited to “a handful,” according to Dynamite’s press release.

More on Vita Ayala/Danny Lore James Bond Reboot

Cover of James Bond #1, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - James Bond stands in front of portraits of other characters plus a racing car
After announcing that Vita Ayala and Danny Lore would be combining their talents to reboot their James Bond license, Dynamite has finally released more info about the December release.

Lore and Ayala will team up to tell a tale of art forgery. Bond appears to be a fish out of water in the glamorous new universe of trickery and falsehood… but is he?

Eric Gapstur will return as artist after drawing the Greg Pak run of the series, and the team is rounded out by Roshan Kurichiyanil on colors and Ariana Maher on letters. Jim Cheung will be the only contributor for covers throughout the series, and will draw three connecting covers for the first issue.

Dejah Thoris to Be Rebooted in December

Censored Wraparound Adam Hughes cover of Dejah Thoris #1, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Dejah Thoris lying on her side on a balcony with lit braziers and a moonlit night behind her
After a slew of crossovers, Dejah Thoris is finally getting her own series again.

In December, Dejah returns to Dynamite with Dan Abnett at the writing helm and Vasco Georgiev on art. Dearbhla Kelly will handle colors and Simon Bowland will be on letters. There will be multiple cover variants from Lucio Parrillo, Joseph Michael Linsner, and Billy Tucci, and a wraparound cover by Adam Hughes (see above), which will be available in a black-bagged “risqué” version that Dynamite says is “in a manner more in line with Burroughs’s original vision.” Cosplayer Mai (@maidenhellxo) will also have a cover.

In this fresh series, Dejah will be called on to use her scientific skills to figure out why her home planet of Barsoom has begun to freeze over. Palace intrigue comes into play when a political faction is revealed as the possible reason for the freeze out.

The book will street in December.

Big Blast of the Month

The Death-Defying ’Devil Vol. 2 #2

Riccardo Federici (covers), Walter Geovani (art), Inhyuk Lee (covers), Lucio Parrillo (covers), Gail Simone (writer)
September 2019

Lucio Parillo cover of The Death-Defying ’Devil #2, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - The ’Devil stands against a tree in the night, lit menacingly from below
This is definitely turning out to be more of a solid celebration of the universe in which the ’Devil roams than a big rock ’em, sock ’em action piece. Simone has brought a hell of a lot of great action to this piece, but I continue to be here for the book’s lovely character work and art.

And okay, the action’s pretty buttkicking, too.

Bangs and Fizzles

Xena: Warrior Princess #6

Vita Ayala (writer), Paulina Ganucheau (covers), David Mack (covers), Rachel Stott (covers), Olympia Sweetnam (art)
September 11, 2019

Paulina Ganucheau variant for Xena: Warrior Princess #6, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Xena stands triumphantly with her teammates
And the last time you’ll ever see me plug this Xena series has arrived. If I haven’t convinced you to try it yet through my multiple rave reviews I have three words to sell this issue to you: Gabrielle/Xena liplock. The rest, from the action to the humor to the character work, has been gravy—the building storyline and the magical world of mythology into which the series has plunged us.

The Shape Of Elvira (TP)

David Avallone (writer), Francesco Francavilla (cover), Fernando Ruiz (art), Fran Strukan (art)
September 11, 2019

Cover for The Shape of Elvira TPG, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Close-up of Elvira’s face, next to a humanoid sea creature swimming towards the surface
This rollicking series is a delightful tweaking of The Shape of Water, and, tongue embedded in cheek, features Elvira falling in love with a suspiciously Gilman-like creature on the set of a movie. Well worth the price for the first joke alone!

Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #5

Amy Chu (writer), Laura Braga (cover), Fay Dalton (cover), Robert Hack (cover), Dan Parent (cover), Maria Sanapo (art), Cat Staggs (cover)

Cover of Red Sonja and Vampirella Meet Betty and Veronica #5, C 2019 Dynamite Comics - A circle portrait of Sonja, Vampirella, Betty, and a grinning red-eyed skull, with Veronica lying injured in the foreground
This series continues to truck along appealingly, balancing genuine horror and humor with suspense and action. It shouldn’t work but oh, does it work. A wonderful thrill ride that fortunately will keep going after the next issue!

Future Fire

Savage Tales: A Red Sonja Halloween Special One-Shot

Erica D’urso (cover), Jacob Edgar (art), Mark Russell (writer)
October 16, 2019

Erica D’Urso cover of Red Sonja: Savage Tales C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Sonja fights to the top of a pile of undead creatures
An untold take from issue five of the comic, with a spooky sounding plot.

Vampirella and Red Sonja #2

Jordie Bellaire (writer and cover), Tula Lotay (cover), David Mack (cover), Drew Moss (art), Leonardo Romero (cover), Babs Tarr (cover)
October 2, 2019

Cover of Red Sonja and Vampirella #2 C 2019 Dynamite Comics - Red Sonja cuts through a wall of Vampirella comics covers
The first issue of this one didn’t grab me as hard as I’d hoped it would, though I liked elements of it. Giving it one more try!

Vengeance of Vampirella #1

Frank Cho (cover), Joshua Middleton (cover), Ben Oliver (cover), Lucio Parrillo (cover), Tom Sniegoski (writer), Michael Sta. Maria (art)
October 9, 2019

Ben Oliver cover for Vengeance of Vampirella #1, C October 2019 Dynamite Comics - A chest-up portrait of Vampirella holding her hands to her collarbone
The book returns to life in a bloody-sounding tale of retribution!

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