Previously On Comics: Avoiding The Allie/Way

Good morning! It’s Monday, it’s time to wake you up, so let’s start with Previously!

Lynda Barry has won the MacArthur Foundation Genius Award! In addition to making great comics, Barry also educates at University of Wisconsin-Madison. It’s really great to see something like this (and the cash stipend associated with it) go to a creator like Barry, who is the kind of creative we need more of in this industry.

About two years after removing comics-specific lists from its bestseller reports, the New York Times has added them back again. A cynic might speculate that since Raina Telgemeier is out there taking over the prime one NYT felt a change was warranted, but whatever the reason, it’s good to see this sort of list diversify so that those of us in the comics industry have access to information that’s specifically relevant to us.

The Hollywood Reporter has an “exclusive” announcement that Gudetama comics are coming. This is presumably distinct from the Newsarama announcement about the same over a month ago. Or maybe folks just aren’t fact-checking? Who knows. Either way, someone’s got…egg on their face.

DC has hired Ben Meares as an editor on a temporary basis, after the departure of two other editors.

Want to listen to Chris Ware talk about comics? I sure don’t! However, this NPR bit also includes Melanie Gillman doing the same, and that IS interesting.

Jake Tapper is palling around with Scott Adams! This isn’t really surprising, but it is super gross.

In a similar vein, Gerard Way is returning to write another bit of Umbrella Academy, this time directly with…Scott Allie. Yeah, that Scott Allie. After already having stepped down from Dark Horse editorial two years ago (again, nearly to the day), Allie somehow continues to keep getting work with the company, hand in hand with Way. This is, by the way, the reason you do not see Umbrella Academy coverage from us.

Anyway. Moving on.

Looks like we have our first hint of what McKelvie and Wilson are up to post-WicDiv…

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