Day: September 19, 2019

Grandslam Romance #1 Cover by Emma Oosterhous. Gumroad.

Grandslam Romance #1 is a Cheeky, Unabashedly Queer Comic… And We Love It!

Grandslam Romance #1 Olivia Hicks (Writer), Emma Oosterhous (Artist) Gumroad 11 August, 2019 Mickey Monsoon, the Broad City Belles’ determined batter, has a massive task ahead of her. Her teammates have all fallen under the spell of rival team Gaiety Gals’ newest recruit, the multi-talented and seductive Astra Maxima. Can Mickey put her history with…

Vampyre's Legacy banner

The Vampyre’s Legacy, Part 9: Atom-Age Vampires

As far back as the nineteenth century, certain writers had tried to demystify vampires by coming up with scientific explanations for their condition and behaviour. James Malcolm Rymer’s ramshackle Varney the Vampire introduced – and later abandoned – the notion that its main character was a man resurrected through galvanism. Charles Wilkins Webber’s Spiritual Vampirism…