Bookmarked Reading Challenge

Bookmarked Reading Challenge banner (designed by Paige Allen)

A new year is a great time to take a long hard look at your bookshelves, wish lists, and to-read pile, but it’s not always easy to decide what to read next. We’re here to help with the brand new BOOKMARKED READING CHALLENGE! Our team has put together a list of some fun, some serious selections to help you whittle down that pile and/or expand your reading horizons. 

Download a PDF copy of the list and share with us on social media using the hashtag #BookmarkedReadingChallenge.

  1. A book nominated for an award this year
  2. A book featuring a POC protagonist
  3. A book you found in your attic (or another forgotten storage area)
  4. A book you really shouldn’t have put off for this long
  5.  A book about dragons
  6.  A book not about pirates, but including them
  7. Reread a book you had to read in school
  8. A book that has been banned
  9. The second book in a series
  10. Your mom’s favorite book (no mom, or mom not into books? Choose a friend or family member at random!)
  11. A book recommended by a librarian to you, specifically
  12. A book recommended by a stranger (but not a weirdo on a blind date, you should never feel pressured to read those)
  13. A book with a map in it
  14. A book with more than three queer characters
  15. A book with those funny uneven pages (otherwise known as deckle edges)
  16. A book with embossing on the cover
  17. A book in your least-favorite genre (branch out!)
  18. A book in the public domain
  19. A book a reader wouldn’t typically read straight through (e.g. a cookbook, or an RPG rulebook, or a particularly interesting textbook)
  20. A book released in 2019
  21. A book released in 1919
  22. A book with pictures
  23. An anthology organized by a person who is not a white man
  24. A book written by a debut author
  25. A children’s book
  26. A book from a little free library
  27. An autobiography
  28. A book from the first display table you see when you walk into your bookstore or library (or, alternatively, whatever digital feature doohicky you see when you open your reading app’s store. You get me. A book that an organization is trying to push on you)
  29. A book that takes place in space
  30. A book that takes place in a country whose official language is different than the one you live in


Bookmarked Reading Challenge (banner designed by Paige Allen)

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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