WWAC Reading Challenge

WWAC Reading Challenge banner (designed by Paige Allen)

Are you looking for some new and interesting comic books to read. Are you trying to get through that stack of comics you kept meaning to read last year but didn’t find the time? Are you stuck for what to read next? Well, we’re here to help with our brand new WWAC READING CHALLENGE! Our team has put together a list of some fun, some serious selections that will help you cut through your to-read pile and/or discover something entirely new. 

Download a PDF copy of the list and share with us on social media using the hashtag #WWACReadingChallenge.

  1. A webcomic
  2. A comic you’ve never heard of before
  3. A comic you picked up just because of its awesome cover
  4. A comic with no words
  5. An award-winning comic
  6. A comic featuring an X-Man who has died at least three times
  7. A black and white comic
  8. A comics anthology
  9. A comic written by someone who doesn’t typically write comics
  10. A comic from a publisher whose titles you haven’t read before
  11. A comic featuring a cover you’ve judged harshly
  12. A comic featuring music
  13. Reread your favourite comic from your youth
  14. A book about comics
  15. An X-Men comic where you completely understand the plot
  16. A comic with a lot of text (what’s a lot? You decide.)
  17. Your mom’s favorite comic (no mom, or mom not into comics? Choose a friend or family member at random!)
  18. A comic featuring Batman’s origin story (just in case you forgot what his origin story was)
  19. A comic with more than five variant covers
  20. A comic reviewed at WWAC
  21. A fashion comic
  22. A comic based on a video game
  23. A comic with more than three queer characters
  24. The third comic in your to-read stack of shame (I know you have one)
  25. A comic published in the ‘80s that’s not by Alan Moore or Frank Miller
  26. Walk into a comic shop, spin around, and point at a comic on the new rack. Read that one
  27. A book of comic strips
  28. Volume three of a series you haven’t read yet (volumes one and two are purely optional)
  29. An ongoing series that started this year
  30. An ongoing series that ended this year
  31. A comic recommended by a librarian to you, specifically
  32. A comic in your favorite film genre
  33. A comic you think your dog would like (no dog? Chose a different pet, or go with a comic your friend’s dog would like)
  34. A comic you’ve watched the TV adaptation of
  35. The comic adaptation (or continuation) of a TV show
  36. A nonfiction comic
  37. A comic about The Economy (there are so many more of these than there should be, I promise)

WWAC Reading Challenge (designed by Paige Allen)

Wendy Browne

Wendy Browne

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