Previously On Comics: Sender of Dick Pics Wishes They’d Never Sent Them

Previously on Comics banner by Corissa Haury

Friends, it has been A Week. A strange, exasperating, exhausting week.

It began with eyerolls as we were once again plunged into bat dickscourse as the good folks at DC continued to hem and haw over whether or not allowing Batman to hang dong was a mistake. Regarding their statement, I have to say, in all of my 31 years on this planet, “production errors” is the weakest excuse for a dick pic I have ever heard. My guys, if you have regrets, imagine how the rest of us feel having had to look at a sad, backlit penis. Also, you don’t have to imagine, because we wrote about it here. You’re welcome.

This was followed by a master class in side eye as Jen Bartel began to talk and then just didn’t stop until the hole she had dug herself was edging into bottomless pit territory following criticism of a video interview featured on io9. In the video, the interviewer positions Bartel to talk up her ability to draw black hair and while the criticism came fast it was fair and measured.

Rather than accepting that regardless of her intentions, she had in fact hecked up, Bartel began to block all those who voiced any sort of critique claiming innocence or ignorance when questioned on it.

The week was topped off by the firing of Chuck Wendig by Marvel. Not because he is a harasser, or a not so secret bigot, or a even one of your garden variety creepos who quote tweets critics and then stalk their personal facebook accounts. No, Wendig, a freelancer at a company with no social media policy, was fired because his editor, Mark Paniccia felt his tweets were too negative and vulgar. Wendig was fired for not being civil.

Quick hits!

Kate Beaton has officially brought an end to her long running webcomic Hark! A Vagrant, In a statement on the site Beaton confirms that the archive will remain online and dedicates it to her late sister, Becky.

Hannah Berry, creator of Adamtine and Livestock, was announced as the UK’s next comics laureate. Berry intends to use the position to remove some of the ‘stigma’ surround graphic novels and comics and harness some of their ‘untapped’ potential.

Blake Northcott went out of her way to prove she has no class.

Bleeding Cool doubled down on their usual brand of awful by giving a platform to a known white supremacist. They did eventually issue an apology via their twitter account but by that point the damage was done.