Month: April 2018

Previously On Comics: Magneto Graffito

Good morning! My streak of writing about harassment for Previously continues, albeit in brief: The Daily Beast’s article on Comicsgate and its campaign of harassment went live this week. It covers the same topic that Buzzfeed did recently, but includes a lot of info that article left out, such as, you know, the rampant transphobia…

Bloodstrike #1, Liefeld/Miki/Fraga/Talman/Murray, Stephenson script, Extreme Studios at Image Comics, 1993

Bloodstrike: Cable and the Rainbow

Bloodstrike #1 Rob Liefeld (art and story), Dan Fraga (art), Eric Stephenson (story), Danny Miki (art), Byron Talman (color), Brian Murray (color), Kirt Hathaway (letters) Image Comics 1993 Bloodstrike’s team leader Cabbot is Cable by another name. This is not a controversial or vindictive statement; Liefeld’s LEGO-like sense of superheroic character creation (a source of…