Kick Or Treat – Fall Kickstarters

Ladies Night Vol. 5; Sisters

We’ve just entered the spookiest time of the year, and is there anything scarier than missing out on comics projects? I mean, probably, but also, no! Here are some great comics Kickstarters for you to check out!

Ladies’ Night Anthology Vol. 5: Sisters 24 Hours Left!

Here at WWAC, we have a specific focus on highlighting the voices of women, genderqueer and nonbinary folk, so the idea of a comics anthology with a focus on the exact same has some pretty obvious and immediate appeal to us. Additionally, because this is their fifth go round, we can be pretty certain of the final product. If you’re in the market for a diverse selection of stories from creative teams with names like “Team Punch A Nazi” and “Team Six Guns,” Ladies’ Night vol.5 might just be for you. They’re also doing a cross-promotion with the next item on our round-up…

Jelly Vampire – EMET Comics

Ida Neverdahl

EMET Comics is another Kickstarter veteran–this is their third project, after the recently completed Fresh Romance Volume 2. Jelly Vampire is, in the words of its creator, a book about “mutated unicorns, cheese doodles,” and a “lumpy bald cat man.” It’s sure to be strange and unique, and if you’re not sure whether it’s quite your speed, creator Ida Neverdahl has your back–she’s offering 24 sample pages for free! There’s also the matter of that cross-promotion–if you back both Kickstarters at the physical level, you’ll receive a free Love Wins enamel pin designed by Julia Hutchinson.

A 96-page OGN billed as “Kimmy Schmidt meets Supernatural,” this independent production is about a girl who lies to her mom about what school she’s attending, moves to New Orleans to open a bakery, and maybe does a little evil-hunting on the side, which all media has led me to believe is basically your standard every day life story in New Orleans. I jest! Madeleines and Maledictions honestly looks like a lot of fun. Check it out! [Editor’s note/disclosure: Lela Gwenn was a contributor for WWAC back in the day before Nola was on board]

Wired Up Wrong
Rachael Smith

Do you like slice-of-life comics? Comics that deal with intense personal issues? What about comics featuring dogs? Wired Up Wrong is a compilation of auto-biographical comics by Rachael Smith, created to help her sort through her own brain. She touts features about anxiety, depression, some light-hearted, some not, and yes, guest appearances by adorable pets. I personally am always interested in these kinds of personal comics, so I’ll definitely be taking a look.

Finally, if you’ve really got cash to burn, consider this Kickstarter, which collects all 18 episodes of the iconic manga into a single bilingual eBook. It’s not just a digital file, either, they’re making actual, physical digital readers that contain nothing but the complete Fist of the North Star story. The price tag is hefty, but FotNS‘s reputation precedes it, so you’ll likely know right away if this project is for you!

Nola Pfau

Nola Pfau

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