WWAC Weekend Review: Kicking Off Sex Month

April is sex month and we’ve got lots of sexy talk going on, along with all sorts of other great topics.

On Monday…

Ginnis and Rebecca revisit the pornographic art (?) of Alan Moore and Melinda Gebbie’s Lost Girls. Al Rosenberg talks about her sexual identity as a top. Claire Napier tries to untangle the ugly mess of Alison Rapp’s words. Kate Tanski’s Mighty Marvel Monday explores Dr. Strange and questionable diversity:

StrangeSet1“I still have many reservations about this film, but the caliber of acting was never one of them. Cumberbatch looks the part fantastically well even if he is still younger than the Strange I tend to imagine. But those costumes do look awfully generically Asian-inspired, for two characters who aren’t Asian.”

On Tuesday…

Talking about porn versus erotica is easy for WWAC staff, but Melinda Pierce talking about sex with her kids? Not so simple. Anna Tschetter searches for bones in her review of Edna O’Brien’s The Little Red Chairs. KM Bezner brings us the latest indie comics news.

On Wednesday…

Turns out Charlie Hedbo really was racist. WHO KNEW? Claire Napier did. She also studied the blue and black, the handsome and horrible of Benedict Cumberbatch as Sherlock Holmes. Brenda Noiseaux gets her game on, and Alenka Figa reviews Kat Fajardo’s Gringa:

“Kat Fajardo’s Gringa opens with a startling two-page spread: protestors, some angry, many gleeful, hold up signs bearing statements like “Diversity = White Genocide” and “Return to Sender.” It is a stark, frightening punch in the gut; a reminder that those who carry xenophobic mindsets are not ugly, black-hat-wearing villains, but people who believe happily and whole-heartedly that our borders should be sealed.”

On Thursday…

Looking for a new read? Check out our Dogears reviews. Angel Cruz’s Thursday Book Beat has news on four new YA books starring Batman, Wonder Woman, Catwoman, and Superman. Ray Sonne wants female superheroes to have way better sex.

by George Jeanty
by George Jeanty

On Friday…

Melissa Brinks finds her sexual awakening making woohoo in The Sims. Ardo Omer has your invitation to the Mean Girls Club from Nobrow Press. Aimee A.’s ready to do or die in an interview with Skip Beat’s Ann Yamamoto.

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