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I’m not sure what it is about April that gets me excited about fashion. It could be the spring cleaning of closets in my house where I’m tossing out the old and ready to fill the empty spaces with the new. Since my wardrobe consists of a lot of fandom appreciation apparel, it’s only fitting that I turn to the WWAC archives to find some suggestions on what to buy.

We don’t need your Fangirl/fanboy hating t-shirt, April 25, 2014,

FirefliesFandom can sometimes be ugly. There are those of us who are thrilled to have more people join party. And then there are those want to be gatekeepers, telling people they’re not “fan enough” to join.

A certain t-shirt appeared at last week’s Wondercon and has been causing a stir on the internet. The shirt attacks both fangirls and coffee, in one fell swoop. The vendor says there’s a version that disses fanboys too, for equal opportunity gatekeeping.

There’s been a lot of chatter, including one father’s take on the whole matter. The brightside is that there are a lot of folks who believe fandom doesn’t need to encourage this type of behavior. It’s time for a “Welcome to the geek party, we’re so glad you’re here!” rebuttal, highlighting some fun geeky tees that promote inclusion.

TeeFury’s the Fireflies tee shows girls, boys, POCs all smiling together and having fun. READ MORE

Mighty Marvel Monday: Fashion Edition, April 6, 2015,

HerUniverseWonderConIt’s probably just post-con exhaustion talking, but Marvel seems to be relatively quiet this past week. Last weekend was Emerald City Comic Con, or ECCC, and this past weekend was WonderCon, where Marvel writers, artists, actors, and execs have been making the rounds and holding panels.

 I was planning on going to the Marvel panel at WonderCon on Saturday but the line to get in was out the door and around the floor, so that did not happen.

 I did, however, get an exclusive-to-WonderCon sneak peek at the upcoming Avengers-inspired clothing line by the designers who won the Her Universe Fashion Contest at San Diego Comic Con in 2014, and even though I wasn’t allowed to take pictures since they showed video clips, I am going to describe them in detail.


During the panel, which was billed as a Her Universe Fashion Show Update panel, was hosted and moderated by the Her Universe creator Ashley Eckstein. Eckstein is gorgeous, sincere in her love of geek fashion, honest about her lack of knowledge of the business and logistical sides to fashion, and full of praise for the people she partners with who have that knowledge. As such, she came across as very genuine and endearing, and I, who had little knowledge of Her Universe prior to this panel, am now definitely a fan. It also helps that Her Universe is extremely generous about their sizing, including designs in the 4x/5x range, although it is unclear if all the forthcoming designs by last year’s winning designers Amy Beth Christianson and Andrew MacLain will be available in that range.

 One of the prizes of the SDCC fashion show was to get to design a line for Hot Topic, and the panel revealed that line was for Marvel, and specifically for Avengers: Age of Ultron. Christianson and MacLain each took Avengers as inspiration. Christianson took Thor, Loki, and Iron Man, while MacLain took Black Widow and Cap. READ MORE

We Love Fine’s Age of Fashion Line Gives Fans What They Really Want, April 30, 2015,

I first became aware of We Love Fine’s expanding fan-friendly apparel when I saw their booth at C2E2, which made me want to buy all the things.

Photo by our very own Megan Byrd

Photo by our very own Megan Byrd

But the just released Age of Fashion line is not only filled with clothing I know Marvel fangirls will love, it fulfills two of the most requested needs on the internet:

1) More Hawkeye merchandise


2) Transparency in Model Sizing.

Although the lack of Black Widow merchandise has been noted by many, a lack of Hawkeye merchandise has been noted as well by loyal Hawkeye fans (including myself), so I was particularly pleased to see that not only does We Love Fine have a new Hawkeye Tunic/Minidress, but that they also carry a Hawkeye-inspired knit sweater, some pretty cool HawkeyeT-Shirts (even Kate gets somelove!) and most happy-making of all: these leggings with Hawkeye on one leg and Black Widow on the other. Be still my shipping heart!

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