Weekend Review: #VisibleWomen, Diversity, Black Canary, MAN PLUS

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March 8th was International Women’s Day, where we celebrate the women who have helped shape our past, present, and future. I work with a lot of those women right here at Women Write About Comics and I love to read what they have to say on so many different things. If you missed what we’ve been talking about this week, now’s your chance to catch up!

On Monday…

Ginnis Tonnik has a working class substitute for American Girl dolls. Need to get ready for the Suicide Squad movie? Wendy Browne thinks issue #17 works well as a bit of a primer. Al Rosenberg finds the role model right under her nose. Diversity versus tokenism is on Kate Tanski’s mind in Mighty Marvel Monday.

On Tuesday…

Black Canary, DC Comics KM Bezner talks about Kelly Sue Deconnick’s #VisibleWomen in Incredible Indie Tuesday, while Insha Fitzpatrick says goodbye to Gravity Falls and hello to Black Canary’s new EP. Dogears reviews Under a Painted Sky, The Vegetarian, and The Widow.

On Wednesday…

Find out what Alenka Figa thinks of the Punk Rock Glee Club zine. Dejah Thoris finally gets to wear her new outfit in the second issue of her new series, but Wendy Browne isn’t impressed. How does Araújo’s Shirowpunk passion project add up in issues two and three? Claire Napier and J.A. Micheline have some thoughts on MAN PLUS. Desiree Rodriguez’s Beauty and the Geek column goes into the shadows with Batman v Superman make up. Brenda Noiseux prepares for GDC and SXSW in Get Your Game on Wednesday

On Thursday…

Youth Services Librarian Anne Price talks about youth media awards and diversity in the library. What’s that about girls loving girls in comics? Ashley Minor gives us a primer on Yuri manga. The Thursday Book Beat digs into the accusations of cultural appropriate in J.K. Rowling’s recently announced Magic in North America. Our Reel Geek Girl Jamie Kingston praises the messages of diversity and acceptance in Zootopia.

On Friday…

Two Girls One Tank, Issue #1 by Alan Martin and Brett Parson, Titan Comics, 2016 Two Girls One Tank, Issue #1 by Alan Martin and Brett Parson, Titan Comics, 2016WWAC newcomer Tea Fougner discovers that the Marvel Avengers Academy game is more style than substance and Angel learns five things from watching idol scandals. LB Royal asks if Tank Girl is still the girl you want and Meg Downey wants to know if the Killing Joke can (finally) by killed.

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