Month: February 2016

The Lettuce Girl

Zine Review: The Lettuce Girl

The Lettuce Girl Sophia Wiedeman If you’re belatedly looking for a sweet, Valentine’s Day appropriate story, I do not recommend Rapunzel. I recently cracked open my collection of Grimm’s Fairy Tales to reread the tale, and realized that Rapunzel’s meeting with the prince is far from romantic. When he proposes, she gives him the once over and thinks,…

Get Your Game On Wednesday Banner

Get Your Game On Wednesday: Deadpool

Howdy, gaming lovelies! How is everyone feeling this week? Give yourself a five-minute break and check out this week’s gaming news.   Can’t get enough of the Deadpool movie?  Perhaps it’s time to dust off your copy of the 2013 PS4 Deadpool video game. Although the game originally met tepid reviews, after the success of…