Get Your Game On Wednesday: Deadpool

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Howdy, gaming lovelies! How is everyone feeling this week? Give yourself a five-minute break and check out this week’s gaming news.


Deadpool game coverCan’t get enough of the Deadpool movie? 

Perhaps it’s time to dust off your copy of the 2013 PS4 Deadpool video game. Although the game originally met tepid reviews, after the success of this year’s Deadpool movie, gamers are revisiting the game and enjoying Deadpool for Deadpool instead of getting wrapped up in game mechanics. Word to the wise, it’s not a game you should run out and buy full price to play now, but if it’s in your collection or you can snag it on the cheap, it might be worth a look.


The artistic side of Hitman GO

Square Enix Montreal is testing game design boundaries once again, this time with the Hitman GO. The video game is designed to look like a board game. To celebrate the game’s release this week, the company released this behind-the-scenes video. Board gamers beware: it will make you a smidge sad that it’s not for tabletop.

My Tran Spotlight on female game designer: My Tran

In this interview Doreen Lorenzo at Co.Design, My Tran talks about what it’s like being the Chief Product Officer for Truly Social, how she became a game designer and challenges women face in the industry.



alttp_genderneutralDad hacks Zelda game to make it gender neutral

A new dad himself, this amazing person went through all the text in the game A Link to the Past, changing words like “son”  to “kid” or “he” and “she” to “ye”.  Not sure if there’s an award for best gaming dad of the year, but you sir, may have just won it.


That’s all for this week, gaming friends! Until next week, happy gaming!

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Brenda Noiseux

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