Year: 2015

Get Your Game On Wednesday

Time to start fresh with all the gaming goodness 2015 has to offer. This week’s news regarding women and diversity in gaming is looking up. Forbes 30 Under 30 in Games Forbes released their 30 Under 30 in Games list and I’m happy to report that 8 of the 30 are women. And not just women in…

Cool Books of January

Fairest: The Lunar Chronicles: Levana’s Story Marissa Meyer Feiwel & Friends January 27, 2015 A prequel to Meyer’s Lunar Chronicles – a sci-fi, steampunk take on classic fairytales, Fairest tells the story of how Queen Levana came to be queen. Is she a true villain or a pawn in other people’s games?

Cool Comics of January

Angel and Faith: Season Ten Volume 1: Where the River Meets the Sea Victor Gischler (W), Derlis Santacruz (A), Michelle Madsen (C) Dark Horse January 6, 2015 Considering that I never particularly cared for Angel or the Angel series, I find myself preferring Angel & Faith to the regular BtVS. Now, that has a lot…

stock: True War Romance 16, penciller Bill Walsh, digital comics museum

Why The Facebook Book Club Is A Great Idea

Say what you want about Facebook, it’s still a social media platform used by millions of people. When Mark Zuckerberg, its founder, decided to create a book club on the site as part of his New Year’s Resolution, I was excited. Why? Two things: 1) The goal of the book club: We will read a…