Mighty Marvel Monday: Make Everything Tiny

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Hey everyone! Happy first Mighty Marvel Monday of 2015!

Axel Alonso is ready to talk about what’s coming in 2015, with all the news you’ve heard already! More exciting than what’s said in this article was the fact that I saw a Sephora ad on the page and had this dog-like reaction:

  1. See Sephora ad and think it is part of the article
  2. Get excited — possible Marvel/Sephora makeup collaboration?!
  3. Realize it is an ad
  4. Scroll down, scroll back up, see ad again
  6. No, still an ad.

Ant-Man. Marvel Studios.Marvel dropped the Ant-Man trailer in… “ant size” … this weekend, which was kind of confusing and weird. Are they really going to put that much play into the fact that Paul Rudd can now become tiny? Were they hoping for some topical Zoolander jokes (“What is this? A trailer for ANTS!?”)? Either way, they released the “human sized” trailer the next day.

Let’s be real: while I wasn’t home when the teeny tiny trailer premiered, I would not have watched it anyway. Because I am an adult, with a job, and friends, and keys to various buildings, and I’m busy, and I have no time to be squinting at some weird tiny commercial.

Phil Noto, how DARE you
Phil Noto, how DARE you


Phil Noto is at it again, that magnificent jerk.

 Vin Diesel might be teasing a role in the upcoming Inhumans, which has everyone on the internet coming down with a serious case of the vapours. One assumes Diesel will be playing Black Bolt A) because dude is jaaaacked and B) because Groot relied purely on his voice, and Black Bolt would, uh, not. Anyway, it is worth clicking through to that CNN article just to see one of the best first lines ever: “Vin Diesel, can you be a little more “inhumanly” obvious?!”

Oh, CNN, that’s not a thing that people say.

 Agent Carter premieres TOMORROW! Who’s excited?! Everyone? Good.


Ivy Noelle Weir

Ivy Noelle Weir

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