DC Daily Planet: Supergirl, Mariah Carey and….wait, what?

Friends, I want us to take a moment and think about this week, to really commit this week to memory. This is the week that for one, brief, beautiful moment we thought that something magical had happened.

This is the week that we all thought that Mariah Carey had been cast as the voice of Commissioner James Gordon in the Lego Batman Movie.

It’s a story full of hope and joy, followed swiftly by devastation. Yesterday morning, CBR posted the news. There was a flurry of confusion, followed rapidly by a flurry of delight. After all, it’s the Lego Batman Movie. Grey-haired, hardboiled Jim Gordon belting out the soulful tones of “Always be my Baby” was… somehow not outside the direct realm of possibility. In a movie where Batman is voiced by Will Arnett, where Robin is voiced by Michael Cera, and where the Joker is voiced by Zach Galifianakis, having Mariah come in to voice Jim Gordon didn’t seem all that crazy. In fact, it seemed somehow magical. Perfect. The right choice.

But the moment was fleeting, like most perfect moments are. About twenty minutes after the initial news drop, corrections started rolling in. Mariah was, in fact, not in talks to voice Jim Gordon, but the Mayor of Gotham. And just like that, all the magic in the world was gone.

I mean, sure, fine, Mariah will probably be a great mayor, and the movie will probably still be funny, but it will never be the same.

So, it’s with a heavy heart that I present to you the actual news.

Last week I spent sometime digging into DC Editorial and their apparent lack of interest in publishing or even speaking to the idea of Kara Zor-El getting a new ongoing or tie-in comic.

Apparently someone was paying attention. Or at least I’m going to pretend that someone was paying attention, because this week DC told Bleeding Cool that a digital first Supergirl comic was being created with a “female-friendly” creative team ASAP, and that comics retailers would be able to get discounted Supergirl trades to sell to fans in the mean time.

This is good news, obviously, but it’s still a bit perplexing. DC’s obvious confusion at the very thought of interest in Supergirl spiking with the release of her show is something that can, and should, raise eyebrows. Is it poor planning? Is it network politics? Did DC just honestly lack that much confidence in Supergirl‘s ability to draw interest? Really no matter which way you try and unpack this, it’s a bummer.

Here’s hoping the rush to create these new comics doesn’t mean sacrificing quality or care.

Many fans of Selina Kyle are in mourning this week. Catwoman issue #46 hit shelves, the final issue in fan-favorite writer Genevieve Valentine’s run on the series. Under Valentine, Selina Kyle rose above her station as a cat burglar to become the full blown crime lord of Gotham City, a development that prompted levels of exploration the character had never quite achieved in the past. It’s also worth noting that it was Valentine who canonized Selina’s bisexuality back in February.

With Valentine exiting, Catwoman is being taken over by Frank Tieri. The solicit for issue #47 says “Catwoman is back in action! Leaving the mob behind, Selina is on the prowl again!” So…not to count any chickens here, but it looks like we’re right back to the tired old status quo for this book. A disappointing move, to say the least. Here’s hoping that her newly canonical bisexuality won’t be written out like her time as a mafia don is about to be.

In happier comics news, writer Steve Orlando confirmed via twitter this week that Midnighter, DCYou’s current ongoing that stars a gay superhero, is safe from cancellation for the moment.

The “could definitely use more support” part of the tweet is important. I can’t recommend Midnighter highly enough, and the current run is only six issues long, easy to pick up and jump right into. You can grab back issues and preorder upcoming issues on Comixology or at your local shop, if you’re so inclined.

And finally, the trailer for the new animated feature Batman: Bad Blood was “officially” released. I put “officially” in quotes because it’s the trailer that leaked unofficially from NYCC about a month ago. Take a look:

I’m not quite sure how I feel about this movie just yet. Don’t get me wrong, I’m over the moon to finally be getting an animated incarnation of Batwoman and (very) pleasantly surprised to be getting an animated incarnation of Batwing, but there’s something undeniably strange about a movie that seems to focus on the Batfamily as a whole missing a large chunk of the most recognizable Batfamily roster. We’ll see how this goes.

Batman: Bad Blood is slated for direct-to-video release on Feburary 2nd, 2016.


Marc Guggenheim tweeted out the first photo of this year’s Arrow/Flash crossover episode. It includes Legends of Tomorrow cast members Hawkgirl and Hawkman, so that’s pretty cool. The episode is due to air in the first week of December.


DC Collectables upcoming Justice League Tarot Card set, designed by Sarah Richard, got a preview over at Crave. It’s going to retail for $29.95 and scheduled for release later this month.

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Mason Downey

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