The Thursday Book Beat: Harry Potter Coloring Book, Bangladesh Publishers, Bloggers and Writers Are Targets of Violent Attacks

The Harry Potter Coloring Book For Grown Ups

Also known as the only adult colouring book that matters. I’ve wanted to join in on the popularity of adult colouring books because colouring is just so relaxing but I didn’t fine the colouring book for me. Despite my personal fatigue of all things Harry Potter in the way of additional canon, I would love to go back to Hogwarts and colour til my heart’s content.

Barber Gives Free Haircuts To Kids In Exchange for a Read

In one Iowa barbershop, kids can get a free haircut if they read aloud as the barber cuts. It’s the way Courtney Holmes can help those kids where the experience of reading aloud at home isn’t the norm. Keep at it, Holmes.

Bangladesh Publishers, Bloggers and Writers Are Targets of Violent Attacks

There was a machete murder of a publisher on Saturday. The publisher published secular books and was just one of many extremist violence plaguing the muslim moderate nation of Bangladesh. On Monday, a third day of rallying took place to urge the government to act in protecting its publishers, bloggers and writers.

“This is not an isolated incident. They first started killing authors, then the bloggers and now they’ve targeted the publishers,” Mustafa Selim, head of the Bangladesh Creative Publishers Society, told reporters.

Hopefully, the government hears its citizens’ pleas and acts.

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