This Week in WWAC History: Avenger Finger Puppets, Summer Reads, Kittens, Barbarella, and Ghost in the Shell

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rp_hunter_comic.jpgWelcome to this week’s stroll down memory lane. Summer is speeding by but you can still pick up some great Late Summer Reading recommendations you may have missed from the staff in July, 2013:

Summer reading lists usually come out in late spring, early summer. Just as you’re starting to dream of a cold drink on a hot afternoon (or consuming your body weight in liquid, while being submerged in liquid, as one does). This ain’t no ordinary summer reading list though, it’s specifically, a late summer reading list, for those of us exiled to dog-day vacations. Fall is just around the corner, and if you aren’t still getting hit by torrential rains, the local flora is at its biggest, just about ready to give up the ghost. So as you eke out your last days, weekends, of summer vacation, maybe weeks if you’re lucky, check out some of these summer reads. READ MORE

captain america, finger puppetSummer is a great time for crafting, and if you’ve been enjoying Kate’s Knit Your Comics series, you may also like some felt Avengers finger puppets by Lana from July 24, 2014:

Are you going to the San Diego Comic-Con? No? Pray tell, why not? Because it costs a ton, you hate waiting in line for 45 minutes to take a piss, and you think it’s a tad overrated? Me too. Let’s do crafts instead. Wait, did I hear you right? You’re not super into crafts and have no idea what you’re doing? We have so much in common. I’m terrible at crafts. Let’s do one anyway. READ MORE

Hot enough for you? If not, Megan’s Mini Review of Barbarella from July 23, 2014, is sure to spice things up:

In the not too distant future, humanity has turned into a species of space travelling, sexually repressed squares. People no longer engage in fluid exchange for sexual pleasure, but have instead replaced physical intimacy with drugs and hand holding. One adventuring astronaut on a mission to save humanity rediscovers the value of “doing things the old way” and proceeds to sexually conquer many new and strange humanoid species in the process. This hero for the ages is Barbarella. READ MORE

Dani Jones,, monsters vs. kittens

After meeting Dani Jones at a Kids Read Comics event, Lana grabbed her for an interview full of cuteness (July 22, 2014):

Dani Jones is a graphic artist and writer with a gorgeous portfolio. Her book publications include Monsters vs. Kittens, My Sister the Freak, and Zombie Bunny. Jones’ work maintains a consistent theme of scary things mashing up with cute things, with an end result of everyone ending up adorable. The world needs more instances of Cute conquering Spooky. READ MORE

And, c’mon. It’s Ghost in the Shell. You know you’re gonna read this analysis by Claire. Again.:

The Major, or Motoko Kusanagi, is the protagonist of each incarnation of the Ghost in the Shell manga-anime-merchadise franchise. If you care to google, Motoko Kusanagi is autocompletes to “a man” and “is hot,” then “in bed with a boy” and “in bed.” For a science-fiction philosophy character named for her military position, we (the audience — although I don’t limit this to those who have experienced the fiction, as the Major is iconic) sure are caught up in thinking about her gender and sexual status. Why could that be? READ MORE

Ghost in the Shell
Ghost in the Shell

And then the rest of the series:

Happy Reading!!

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