Polyvore Challenge: #WicDiv Stealth(ish) Cosplay

The Wicked + The Divine by Kieron Gillen, Jaime McKelvie and Matthew Wilson , issue #8. Image, 2015.

Volume two of The Wicked and The Divine (known as WicDiv by fans) dropped this week, and we have been gushing. WicDiv was exciting cosplayers by the first issue, which, considering the story and McKelvie’s stunning artwork and Wilson’s colors, is no surprise. But cosplay shouldn’t be limited to conventions, so we decided to create some stealth cosplay outfits to express our WicDiv love. Well, as stealth cosplay as possible when dealing with deities!


“Not quite sure on the footwear, but she seems like a sandals kinda gal.” KM Benzer
The Wicked and the Divine: Amaterasu

 The Wicked and the Divine: Amaterasu by kmbezner featuring pearl jewelry


“I was inspired by two specific elements in Ananke’s costuming: this element of royalty and 1920s art nouveau. Her lace mask reminded me of this mask I bought off an Etsy dealer (TtusChicOriginals) so that was first. Second, I wanted a stunning red coat that echoes the one she wears when she delivers one of my favorite lines: “It is a poor critic who says that lack of effect on them implies all others are insincere in their love.” Good words to live by as a critic myself. I brought in the royal element via Phillip Treacy, the designer of the amazing hats you see the British royal set often wearing. Yes, that skeleton looking thing is in fact a hat. I saw it and swooned; it’s perfect for Ananke. Then to echo the 1920s, I added the t-strap Christian Louboutin’s and the cocktail ring. The person who wears this outfit takes no prisoners.” Ginnis Tonnik

WicDiv - Ananke

 WicDiv – Ananke by ginnis-tonik featuring Giambattista Valli


The Wicked and the Divine: Baal

 The Wicked and the Divine: Baal by kmbezner featuring how to wear a crop top


“I love him.” –Kelly Kanayama


 Inanna by kelly-kanayama featuring oblong scarves


“Based on Laura’s concert attire.” —KM Bezner

The Wicked and the Divine: Laura 2

 The Wicked and the Divine: Laura 2 by kmbezner featuring slip on flats

And a casual version.

The Wicked and the Divine: Laura 1

 The Wicked and the Divine: Laura 1 by kmbezner featuring black jeans


The Wicked and the Divine: Lucifer

 The Wicked and the Divine: Lucifer by kmbezner featuring a collared shirt


Minverva - Casual Friday

 Minverva – Casual Friday by melinda-beth-pierce featuring cubic zirconia earrings

The Morrigan

“I think this is *exactly* what you wanted.” –Kelly Kanayama

The Morrigan

 The Morrigan by kelly-kanayama featuring perfume fragrances

“I created three looks based off the different aspects of the Morrigan. The Morrigan’s default persona—rocking the black with touches of pale pink. A tuxedo romper, raven-themed leggings, and motor boots.” —Ginnis Tonnik

WicDiv's The Morrigan - The Black Haired One

 WicDiv’s The Morrigan – The Black Haired One by ginnis-tonik featuring vinyl home decor

“The Badb is all rage and intensity, so I went with something casual, but obviously super casual really isn’t her bag, and those shoes—can you not picture the Badb in those shoes? She uses them for stabbing people, I’m sure.” —Ginnis Tonnik

WicDiv's The Morrigan - Badb

 WicDiv’s The Morrigan – Badb by ginnis-tonik featuring high-waisted pants

“Gentle Annie’s aesthetic is particularly interesting, because it’s a sort of punk/boho mix. So I played with that in this ensemble. There’s the punk element in the pink mohawk, docs, the army green romper (punk often appropriated military imagery), and the denim jacket, which is upcycled and very DIY. What I like about these punk influenced items is that they are also very feminized—there’s the pink hair color, the floral print on the docs with lace socks, and a romper. It seems fitting to Gentle Annie who comes across as the sort of radicalized peacekeeper. The bohemian elements are brought in with the lace, jewelry, and Urban Decay Naked eyeshadow collection, which also seemed appropriate since Gentle Annie’s eye make-up is this coppery-streak while the other Morrigans usually wear black.” —Ginnis Tonnik (who put way too much thought into this)

WicDiv: The Morrigan - Gentle Annie

 WicDiv: The Morrigan – Gentle Annie by ginnis-tonik featuring Urban Decay


“I think I may have gone a little overboard. The necklace and vest combo don’t quite match Sakhmet’s amazing outfit, but I was happy to find the leopard lining.” —KM Bezner

The Wicked and the Divine: Sakhmet

 The Wicked and the Divine: Sakhmet by kmbezner featuring a red necklace


“Fated to be stylish.” —Kelly Kanayama


 Urdr by kelly-kanayama featuring shiny leggings

Ginnis Tonik

Ginnis Tonik

Smashing the patriarchy with glitter, pink lipstick, and cowboy boots. You can follow her on Instagram @ginnistonik