Weekend Review 03/07/2015

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 This week, we remembered Leonard Nimoy, played Borderlands, loved Starfire and so much more.

On Monday…

Sonya render, Sonya Blade, Mortal Kombat (9), 2011, NetherRealm StudiosClaire feels that Mortal Kombat is a bad franchise and offers up Sonya Blade to prove it.  Mighty Marvel Monday is all about the ladies. Artist Ross Campbell talks about revamping Jem and the Holograms for the 21st century. Following the passing of actor Leonard Nimoy, WWAC staff share their memories of an icon. Here are some short and sweet (or sour) reviews of Silk, Starlord, and more. Dear Con Diary: Jo writes about Katsucon 2015. Here are some cool comics for the month of March.

On Tueday…

Here’s the short and sweet conference edition of Incredible Indie Tuesday. Desiree loves the ’90s Batman movies. Annie interviews Lumberjanes writer Grace Ellis and artist Brooke A. Allen. Let’s talk about reading slumps, shall we? Al discusses Now, Voyager in our Movies That Shaped Me series. March looks like a good month for some cool books.

On Wednesday…

Jules discusses her first game, Tetris. Here’s what Ginnis learned about dating from Fear Street. Brenda covers gaming industry news in Get Your Game On. Red Sonja reaches #100 and Ginnis has got your she-devil review. WWAC Warrior Laura eye of the tigers right into the danger zone with some Muay Thai. Dreadhead Kelly talks about Judge Dredd: The Complete Case Files 24.

Spider-GwenOn Thursday…

Jo and Tracy are kickin’ ass and takin’ names in part two of their Borderlands Pre-Sequel diary. Science fiction readers save a bookstore in the Thursday Book Beat. HBO wants more writer diversity — the Big 2 should do the same. Here are five reasons why you should be at STAPLE! All the corn dogs, Spider-Gwen. All of them. Are you following along with the Twin Peaks Log?

On Friday…

See what we keep on our bookshelves in this week’s Life Geek! (Hint: it’s not just dust.) Find out about the cool games and cool movies for the month of March. The DC Daily Planet is waiting for (Gal) Gadot. You need to read about Youth In Decline’s super cute vulture apocalypse in Megan P.’s review of Snackies. Your childhood is being pilfered for the big screen again! Check out this EXCLUSIVE look at the new live action Secrets of Nimh. Jules digs into what lies ahead for Rock Band 4. Studio Cosplay wants to give you space to make your cosplay happen. Support their Kickstarter! Have you seen Starfire’s new outfit? Desiree takes us on a walk through the character’s fiery history.

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