Kickstarter of the Week: Studio Cosplay

Creating cosplay costumes can be a messy business. That’s why Studio Cosplay want to open a makerspace in the DC Metro area that’s focused on costuming.

Possible cosmakersplaceCreated by cosplayers for cosplayers, the Studio Cosplay Kickstarter campaign, aims to create a “cosmakerspace” to help all costumers at all levels with designing and constructing costumes, fabricating armor, and creating props. The maskerspace will include different stations which will include sewing, painting, fabricating, wig styling, and 3D printing. They’re also hoping to have a green screen for taking pictures of finished costumes or for meeting up with photographers for photo shoots.

Studio Cosplay is a 501(c)(3) Non-profit organization. Kickstarter funds will go directly to start-up costs and operating expenses for one year. Most of this will go to rent, utilities, and deposits for a 1000+ square foot studio in the Washington, DC Metro area. The remaining funds will go towards purchasing equipment and paying Kickstarter fees.

As a fellow Makers meet-up organizer, I definitely agree that community is big aspect of the movement. Having a place to share stories, skills and resources is amazing. Although we chat about all things makery in my group from cosplay through microelectronics, I can see the value of a cosplay only makerspace for a community with a lot of cosplayers and costumers. Personally, I also like their Kickstarter approach.  I often chat with folks about opening a makerspace in my city and crowdfunding comes up as a way to gauge true interest from the community.

Backer rewards start at the $1 level for their thanks and “undying love” and run through the $3,000 level to join them at Dragoncon. Other options include tshirts, cosplay photoshoots and costume consultation.

Brenda Noiseux

Brenda Noiseux

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