Sunday Art Gala: PONIES

Claire Napier, Pony, 20145

The art gala is back! Yes, after a couple of weeks away, we’re back with our themed sketches. Add yours in comments, or just become inspired by our high-quality output!

This week I promised Colleen a pony. I forget why. But it turns out that ponies are quite hard to draw, and I decided my misery would love some company. And so this week: Pony Art Gala.

Colleen’s pony

Claire Napier, Pony, 20145


Tiffany Pascal, pony, 2014


I’m kickin’ it old school with Sundance, of Megan and Sundance fame.

Wendy Browne, pony, 2014



Kelly Kanayama, Pony sketch, 2014


A late entry from Kelly G:

Kelly Guillory, pony, 2014

BONUS: Sometimes I share our incoming search terms with our staff (sometimes I share them with you via Twitter!) Al did these based on what people, apparently, want from us.

“Women Models of the Soviet Union”, by Al Rosenberg

women models of the soviet union, Al Rosenberg, 2014


“mlp spike a loser”, by Al Rosenberg

mlp spike a loser, Al Rosenbery, 2014


A wonderful showing. Join us again next week, when the theme will be “WHAT’S IN MY PIE?”


Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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