Day: September 21, 2014

Claire Napier, Pony, 20145

Sunday Art Gala: PONIES

The art gala is back! Yes, after a couple of weeks away, we’re back with our themed sketches. Add yours in comments, or just become inspired by our high-quality output! This week I promised Colleen a pony. I forget why. But it turns out that ponies are quite hard to draw, and I decided my…

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R/W: The Original Problem Millennial–Y2K

Word Nerdery This subject was suggested to me by Gibson Twist of Pictures of You.  Every century and millennial end comes loaded with hefty dose of end-times paranoia, bacchanalia, and scoffing. Lately there was the fake Mayan doomsday prophecy and only a scant twelve years before that, our first millennial problem child, Y2K itself.