#WWACTV: Doctor Who Offers Some Zzzz, Legends is Bean’s Orphan Black & The Honourable Woman Takes A Bow

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The #WWACTV chat is where the casual TV viewer and the self-professed (or in denial) addict discuss the newest shows and some old favourites.

Our latest chat occurred on August 24th when we looked at two weeks of television goodness (August 11th-August 24th), but there weren’t many shows I was checking out that premiered or had a finale in the last two weeks. During the chat, I asked what people were watching, who cared about the Emmys and if there’s a problem with a lack of quality TV, what Fall 2014 shows they were excited for, and what they planned on watching in the following two weeks.

Season Premieres

Doctor Who. Season 8. BBC. 2014. Jenna Coleman. Peter Capaldi. Steven Moffat.

I checked out the Doctor Who season 8 premiere Saturday night and almost fell asleep 20 minutes in. I managed to finish it and have decided to not continue watching the show or at least wait until the season is over and do a possible binge later. It was disappointing. The pacing was slowed down considerably, which normally would have been fine if I had cared about Clara who, for most of her conception, was a plot device or a two dimensional character. I didn’t get to feel anything for our new Doctor played by Peter Capaldi until the last ten minutes of the premierewhich sucks because he’s a LOVELY actor (check out The Musketeers).

Series Premieres

Legends. 2014. TNT. Sean Bean. Show.

I like to think of Legends as Sean Bean’s Orphan Black. The show offers him the opportunity to embody different characters, but not in a procedural format that would easily exhaust the premise. Two episodes have premiered so far and Bean is fantastic. Please don’t kill him!

Specials/Season Finales

Photographed by Des Willie. The Guardian.  Saturday, 28 June, 2014. BBC. BBC Two. Maggie Gyllenhaal. The Honourable Woman.

The Honourable Woman had its finale in the UK and is heading towards its finale in the US soon. All I can say is that it’s fantastic and a must see. I’m sad that it was only an eight episode miniseries because that means it had to end, but it was perfect for a miniseries. The performances were spot on with Maggie Gyllenhaal and Lubna Azabal stealing the show. If this doesn’t get nominated and WIN Best Mini-Series, Best Actress in a Mini-Series, or Best Supporting Actress in a Mini-Series next year then what’s the purpose of the Emmys?

The next #WWACTV chat will be September 7th at 7PM EST and I want to know what you’ll be watching in the next two weeks. Excited for any returns? How about a new series? Maybe a finale or two? An old show you haven’t seen before? Sound off in the comments below.

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