I’ll Try It! Andy’s Super-Logo Rag Rug

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman logos property of DC Comics. Rag rug grid by Andrea Guerra

The First Half

So here we are ladies and gentlemen, finishing up the first half of the Comic Crafting Challenge. This has been a slow but eventful two quarters and I am here to run for you a play by play of this very exciting first half.

The first quarter was an exciting one, with Claire calling me up from the bench, handing me the play book and sending me in to the fray. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, yours truly was not only starting but leading the team! Let’s get something straight right away ladies and gentlemen, I wasn’t on the team already, I wasn’t even being called up from the minors. No sir-y, I was pulled from the street!

Claire grabbed me by the shoulders shook me a bit and said “Andy, what can you do?” and I replied in my best cocky demeanor “Anything and everything”. Comic Icon Rag Rug were the words straight from her mouth, I blinked and told her sure thing Claire! My fate was sealed. She was nice enough to send me information on the process and off I went.

Wonder Woman, Superman, Batman logos property of DC Comics. Rag rug grid by Andrea Guerra

By the end of the first quarter I had picked my design–Trinity: Batman, Wonder Woman, and Superman–along with hitting the local Goodwill to buy t-shirts in white, red, black, and yellow. In order to end that first quarter with a bang, I headed to Joanne’s with two handy coupons in order to buy both the infamous latch hook and the canvas backing. All of this was under $20.

The start of the second quarter is where things slowed down a bit. Instead of using free software to convert the image to a grid pattern, I went old school. Yes ladies and gentlemen, I brought out the engineering paper and set to convert this beautiful icon into an easy to follow grid.


There were measurements, there was math, there were conversions, but in the end we had a working grid.

So here you have it ladies and gentlemen. The first half has been wrapped up and we are ready to start the grind of the second half. Tears and sweat will dominate this part of the game, but the end game should be spectacular.