News & Things: iZombie Rangers

iZombie Volume 1 Chris Roberson, Michael Allred Vertigo | DC Comics,_Zombie


Star Wars Episode VII: Actors Battle for Lead Role

John Boyega. John Boyega. John Boyega. There are other options? No there aren’t.

Former Power Ranger Rose McIver To Star In The CW’s iZombie Pilot

Ex-Yellow Power Ranger Rose McIver is set to play Liv Moore in CW’s fake iZombie show.

Anne Rice Is Ready To Write About the Vampire Lestat Agai, and There Was Much Rejoicing

Considering the latter Vampire Chronicles books were a bloated nightmare, thanks to Rice’s refusal to work with an editor… I’m not sure rejoicing is the right word.


Personalizing Reader Engagement: Exploring Colouring in Comics

Graphixia looks at colour in comics–how does it affect us? What does it all mean?

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  1. I’m rejecting this reality and substituting my own, with Whitney Moore and a handful of hunks in a fully-faithful tv adaptation of iZombie comics. Ginchy.

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