News & Things: Daaaaaang, Constantine

First Photo of Matt Ryan As Constantine Revealed

Not bad, right? I’m feeling cautiously optimistic about this show. Also, daaaaaaaaaaaang

Neither Marvel or DC Make the Top 20 Graphic Novel Bestsellers for February

Neilsen BookScan, which monitors bookstore sales, reported to ICv2 that neither of the big two had a book on the February charts. Image Comics and Manga publisher Kodansha (publisher of Attack on Titan) dominated the list. At the rate that Image is crushing recent sales, maybe the big guys need to be sweating it a bit.

Bluebird, via
Bluebird, via

The Adorable Story of Bluebird

I dare you to read this tale of one little girl’s journey from cosplayer to official Bat-family without it thawing your icy, jaded heart. SPOILERS: it will, you are defenseless against it.

Diamond Discovers 50 Stores Breaking Street Date

In a major comics retailer no-no, comic book mega-supplier Diamond Comic’s Secret Shoppers (remind me to add that to the list of things I am paranoid about at work) revealed 50 cases of stores taking advantage of the distributor’s one-day-early shipping service to sell comics before their Wednesday release date. While this information isn’t a surprise based on Diamond’s former data, it did result in a slap on the wrist for the stores involved.


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