Bombshells? Or Duds?

Dear DC Comics,

The other day you announced a series of variant “Bombshell” covers for a host of your more popular super books. The aesthetic for the covers harkens back to a 1940’s pinup style and are designed by Ant Lucia.

I am, frankly, the prime market for these covers. I love the look and feel of pinup art. I have two pinup tattoos and love the idea of the Rosie the Riveter/ Wonder Woman mash up. It’s perfect!

Wonderwoman Bombshell
Wonder Woman Bombshell, by Ant Lucia

But looking at the list of books that will receive the flashback treatment, I wonder… will the gents be posing as well?

To be a little more pointed: Can I get a little beefcake to go with my cheesecake?

Will I get a little Batman flexing? Or will Wonder Woman be trotted out again for Justice League? And Justice League Dark? We know (from the statues that have been released) that Super Girl, Black Canary, Mera, Harley Quinn, Batgirl, Zantana, Poison Ivy, and Stargirl will be included. We’ve seen covers for Wonder Woman and Cat Woman.

Ten ladies. We’ve got twenty books coming. Certainly we’ll get some parity!


I mean. You fine folks have never let the ladies down before!



Lela Gwenn

Lela Gwenn

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