News & Things: Dick Jokes By the Dozen


Anitta Sarkeesian received the Ambassador Award at the Game Developer’s Conference. You can find pictures of the standing ovation she received all over Twitter.

Ex-Twilighter Cam Gigandet Stars In a New Comedy About … Penises

In Bad Johnson, Gigandet’s character gets tired of his womanizing ways, and rather than make a positive change on his own, wishes that his penis would leave him alone. Whoops! Wish accepted, the universe splits his penis off into his own man.


Clockwork Angels #1, Robles. BOOM, March 2014.
Clockwork Angels #1, Robles. BOOM, March 2014.

Rush Album Inspires a Comic That Drops Next Week

Written by Kevin J. Anderson and drawn by Nick Robles, Clockwork Angels #1 is based on the Rush album of the same name. What’s it all about? According to Comixology, “Owen Hardy, like all the people of Albion, has lived his whole life under the rule of The Watchmaker. His entire life has been planned down to the exact second. But what happens when a young boy decides that things should not always goes as planned?”


Finding New Ways to Hide In Plain Sight

You’ve heard of normcore, right? Navneet Alang argues that the style is fueled by a desire to be seen but not legible.

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