What’s Hot? October!

What’s Hot? Our monthly feature telling you what we’re into, outside of what you usually see us talking up. Rounded personalities? Yeah, we have’em.

But it’s October! All of our contributors are on the autumn-winter spectrum! Nothing is hot!

…Except soup, hot chocolate, and baked potatoes. We’re having a bit of a foodfest in this one.


I am all about my new bike jacket (I can move my aaaaarmsss) & the best bread recipe I’ve tried yet. That’s a lot of breads, a lot of fine breads, but seriously. This one is GOOD. You have to put it in the fridge before it rises at all, which seems very odd to me, but it works! Let’s not argue. And I’m looking forward to the Thought Bubble convention in Nov! Who’s gonna be there?


I am really into coconut oil! I’ve been seeing “101 uses for Coconut Oil” all over the internet, and having tried some, I love the stuff. It’s better on popcorn than butter! Media-wise, I’m upset they cancelled Fearless Defenders, and Ironside. I’m still digging Sleepy Hollow, and annoyed with baseball keeping it from me. I loved the Legend of Korra two parter. And I just discovered Disney’s Wander Over Yonder which is hilarious and adorable and sick cute… Now I’m looking forward to Almost Human.


1) It’s almost the perfect weather for street waffles. Yes, you can buy Belgian waffles on the street here. And crepes. With nutella on them, if you’re into that sort of thing.

2) The Doctor Who 50th Anniversary trailer. Well, not the trailer itself, which is cheese-tastic as all get-out, but the fact that you can hear Peter Davison and my very favorite and much-overlooked Paul McGann — the Fifth and Eighth Doctors, respectively — echoing several of Matt Smith’s lines! Ooo-eee-ooooo…

3) Gravity and Thor 2. Neither are out here yet, but soon!


I’m spectacularly jealous about the waffles tbh. But I’m actually thrilled that it is finally actually sweater and scarf weather! [Remember Noelle Stevenson’s Feral Sweater Boys? -Claire] And squash soup. I’m excited about squash soup.


Soup weather! Chili weather! I love fall and winter food, especially making it.

I just bought a bunch of Think Tank on Comixology, and as soon as I get the chance, am going to binge on it. That and a bunch of Jonathan Hickman comics I have waiting for me.


Loving fall boots, tattoos (planning to finish up my sleeve asap!), crock pot cooking, and The Awesomes!


Autumn for me means that it’s time to eat an entire grape crop in 3 days. My father-in-law grows these delicious black grapes – not too sweet but not too tart, and super juicy – in his greenhouse, and since for some crazy reason I’m the only one who likes them, I get to eat them all. But they don’t last too long, hence the 3-day limit.

Well, I’m hungry. Are you? Lucky thing, guess what? We’ve got a What’s Cooking on the way! RECIPES.

Claire Napier

Claire Napier

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