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Kickstarter of the Week

This week I’ve got two horror comics anthologies to recommend. Both campaigns have reached their funding goals, but you still have time to pick up the books, and the rewards of your choice.

In The Dark: So you might experience a brief moment of sticker shock. This anthology, edited by Rachel Deering and featuring some of comics’ top talent, goes for $10 for a PDF and $50 for a hardcover. Yeah, I shuddered a little. But with that being said, this anthology looks to be worth every penny. Everyone involved in the project is an experienced professional with a several successful projects to their name, and importantly, their work is good.

The Dead Roots: This anthology a four-part, shared world, zombie anthology. I know, I know, you’re tired of zombies. But the art looks great! And the emphasis is placed on the characters and their human relationships! The Dead Roots is a UK project and features work by creators from comics and UK television (like Red Dwarf, omg). The prices? £10 for a PDF, £20 for a signed softcover, £25 for a hardcover, and £30 for a signed hardcover.

dead rootsSo you’ve got options. (Or you could just buy both).


So, some amazing people died recently. I’m sure you heard the news, but here are some good writeups:

First Teaser Trailer For The Live Action Version Of Kiki’s Delivery Service
It’s your first look at the live action adaptation of the beloved Studio Ghibli anime, Kiki’s Delivery Service.

Days of Future Past Teaser Trailer Asks How Soon Is Now
Look, Claire here, and I haven’t even seen First Class. But OH BOY I’m a little tingly at this, and not just because seventies trousers are my favourite trousers. Click click.

Veronica Mars Featurette
You watched the hilarious pitch video and funded the Kickstarter. Now it’s time to find out how the Veronica Mars movie is coming along, and how the fan favourite tv show is translating to the big screen.

Evil Dead Remake Director Claims Sam Raimi Is Directing Army Of Darkness 2
With a more or less successful Evil Dead reboot under their belt, the next step was obviously Army of Darkness. Well, they’re doing it, but it’s going to be directed by Sam Raimi, and it’s a sequel to AoD (I think? maybe) not a reboot. It’s unclear whether the film will take place in the same world as this Evil Dead. True fans, already used to the confusing non-continuity between Evil Dead and Evil Dead 2 (never mind Army of Darkness and its various comics spinoffs) should be able to just roll with it.


A Comics Version of the Life of Margaret Sanger
Anna Holmes reviews the new comic book biography of women’s rights pioneer (and famous racist!) Margaret Sanger.

First look: Sam Heughan as Jamie Fraser on Starz’s Outlander
I didn’t know they were making an Outlander show, this is all new to me. Heeeey. Outlander is a time travelling romance set in Scotland. Kilts. Time travel. Your heart’s all aflutter now, isn’t it?

Pretty Deadly and Velvet put women in charge for two incredible debuts
The AV Club takes an in depth look at two of last week’s biggest releases.

Sandy Hook and the Superheroic War on Crime
Over at The Hooded Utilitarian, Chris Gavaler’s written a fascinating essay on superhero violence, and how it inspires, for good and ill:

In The Myth of the American Superhero, John Sheldon Lawrence and Robert Jewett read the Unabomber and the Oklahoma bomber as homegrown terrorists twisting the American monomyth of redemptive violence to anti-government ends. But McVeigh and Kaczinski believed they were acting out of “goodness, not evil.” And they thought violence was the best way of achieving it. It’s part of the American way. The country was born in revolution. Its borders grew through a century of expansionist wars. It remained unified only through civil war. And its second century was shaped by a sequence of foreign wars. Our national heroes, caped and otherwise, champion all that violence.

Did real people inspire these famous fictional monsters?
In honour of Halloween, iO9 takes a look at the story behind the story of your favourite monster’s origin.

It’s Time To Say Good-Bye To TV’s Strong Black Woman
TV loves Strong Black Women and PPP says it’s time to let go; it’s time for characters with real depth, who are allowed to be strong, vulnerable and layered.

 And finally…

Todrick Hall has remixed Chicago’s Cell Block Tango, to give you… Spell Block Tango, featuring your favourite Disney villains.


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