Top 10: Frightened Blonde Woman Horror Comics

The golden-haired young woman flees a dark, secluded castle on a foggy night. Her long white gown would make a Hammer Horror starlet proud, but no matter how far she runs, there’s a vampire, a werewolf, or a man-monster called–TABOO! right behind her. If you’re a fan of vintage horror comics, the kind with titles like House of Mystery or Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion, you’ve seen her. And seen her again. And again. Who is this mysterious horror comic cover girl? Are the House of Secrets and the Tomb of Dracula on the same block, or are all Bronze Age horror comics actually the story of one blonde woman in a white dress having a really bad night?

Here we present her 10 best appearances:

10. The Dark Mansion of Forbidden Love #4
9. Werewolf By Night #13


8. House of Secrets #94


7. House of Mystery #210

mike kaluta. the house of mystery. #. 210. cover. 001

6. House of Secrets #95
5. Forbidden Tales of Dark Mansion #5


4. The Witching Hour #36


3. Secrets of Sinister House #5
2. Tomb of Dracula #43
1. Sinister House of Secret Love #1
Kayleigh Hearn

Kayleigh Hearn

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